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Since its establishment in Paris in 1931, Veronese is known for its luxury Murano glass lighting fixtures and mirrors, finely crafted in the tradition of French design. The creative process commences and concludes at the Veronese headquarters in Paris while Murano glass is layered, stretched and blown by leading Murano artisans in Murano, Italy. Each step of the creative rocess - from conception through development to formation - is directed with the utmost precision, ensuring that the finest craftsmanship is delivered. Confident in the timeless skills of Murano artisans, Veronese encourages exclusive projects in order to push new boundaries. Within this creative environment, world renowned designers work closely with Veronese from collection to collection fusing their own signature designs with the Veronese tradition. Veronese has succeeded, for over 80 years, in preserving and advancing Murano artistry by balancing its designs between revitalized historical masterpieces and contemporary creations. Whether historical, classic, contemporary or progressive, Veronese designs are timeless creations. ... More ... less

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