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Mogliano Veneto / Italy

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The Italian company, Vetreria Vistosi, specialises the decorative blown-glass lighting. After World War II, Guglielmo Vistosi, heir to a centuries-old glassmaking tradition, opened a new furnace in Murano. In the 1950s, thanks to his grandchildren, Gino and Luciano Vistosi, the company began to specialise in lighting, attracting considerable interest. From 1960 on, major collaborations became the key to the success of what was to become Vetreria Vistosi, which linked its production to the most famous designers of the time, including Gae Aulenti, Ettore Sottsass and Adalberto Dal Lago. In 1989, Giancarlo Moretti, an entrepreneur from Murano working in the glass industry, took over the prestigious brand and founded Vetreria Vistosi marking a significant industrial and commercial reorganisation and the beginning of new collaborations with designers and creatives.

Blown glass Vistosi lamps

1967 saw the birth of Giogali, Angelo Mangiarotti's masterpiece; its revolutionary crystal hooks with no structure encountered uninterrupted success over the years. 1995 saw the birth of a special formula, giving birth to the unique Vistosi blown glass, which is resistant and does not dull over time. The crafting of each piece reveals almost imperceptible surface differences. In 2002, thanks to an exclusive robot that eliminates different thicknesses, Vistosi applied water jet cutting to its three-dimensional mouth-blown articles. A year later, the company used silvering, typical of mirror processing, for three-dimensional lamps giving rise to reflective models, perfect for minimalist furnishings. 2004 was the year of hot spinning, a simple yet ingenious method that transformed the technique of hot-applied thread from simple decoration to the entire product. Diadema followed; the design of the rods and the quality of the materials make it a unique and unrepeatable creation. In 2007, the use of alexandrite in the glass mixture gave rise to shapes that change colour when illuminated by fluorescent light, veering towards purple and blue, with surprising effects.

Vetreria Vistosi lamps: design and function

Vetreria Vistosi has been offering innovative designs and sophisticated products for decades. Design and function find their highest expression in the brand's suspension, wall, ceiling, table and floor lamps. The Rina Collection results from extensive research into the chemistry of materials, making it possible to apply the age-old murrine technique to large pieces. The essence of the shapes of the pendant lamps, table lamps and the blown glass ceiling lamp characterises the collection, available in five sizes that can be combined to create different solutions. The Cloth Collection features chromium-plating with an iridescent effect; the complex blowing process transforms the glass into a crinkled fabric with a dual, versatile appearance - a metallic lamp when turned off and an object with delicate honey-coloured reflections when turned on. The Assiba Collection is one of Vistosi's most refined decorations; it is inspired by the colours and shapes of the ocean with filigree latticework resulting from the complex crafting of cold blown nets imprisoned in the glass.
Worthy of mention is the Riflesso Collection, consisting of LED table and pendant lamps, whose shapes recall soap bubbles, memories of childhood. In these lamps, the lightness of glass takes the leading role in three different forms, enriched by as many shades of crystal, smoked, light amethyst and amber. The result is a light source that passes through a glass bubble to refract on a mirror in a game of continuous rebounds in which the glass itself mediates the light source and the reflecting element.
Vetreria Vistosi's floor lamps combine glass with metal or wood, offering new solutions suitable for any context, whether classic or modern. The Sata PT is a lighting system that highlights wood, whose geometric structure supports a blown glass lighting body. Futura PT is part of the collection of blown glass lamps combined with different finishes for the metal ring. Vetreria Vistosi's wall lamps offer a wide range of solutions with different shapes, tones and materials. Among these, Tread is characterised by a technical metal element, combined with the blown glass diffuser, giving it an industrial feel. Balance is inspired by the trajectories of planetary orbits around the sun, the shape of the glass and the light creating a decided sense of movement.

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