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Vibia is a Spanish architectural lighting brand, based in Barcelona, a lively and creative city especially in the field of design, culture and innovation. It has a dense network of collaborators and suppliers all over the world, distributors are scattered in about 80 countries, with a subsidiary in the United States (New Jersey). For Vibia light is life, it is one of the forces that have participated in the creation of the world, it shapes environments, furnishes, dresses objects and transforms space by changing the perception we have of it. Starting from this assumption, Vibia produces lamps that allow everyone to interpret environments and spaces in a personal way, thanks to a wide range of lighting fixtures that fit every style, but all characterized by innovative design, creativity and good taste. For Vibia design is everything and is not limited to the simple design of the object, but follows its path, monitors its insertion in harmony with the context and its correct installation, shares the experience it arouses and constantly assists the customer so that he is gratified.

The lighting installations of Vibia

Vibia's lighting solutions are the result of a careful study of human behaviour within a space, whether working, residential or leisure, with the aim of creating new atmospheres and new perceptions of space, improving the quality of environments and offering new visions of space. The collaboration with designers is the basis of Vibia's production: designers and architects such as Ramón Esteve and the studio Lievore Altherr Molina or Ramos&Bassols, Victor Carrasco and Diego Fortunato, have worked with the Spanish brand, having at their disposal ample freedom in design and great availability of innovative and technological tools. Every lighting project by Vibia is highly innovative, from lamps to table or floor lamps, both for indoor and outdoor use. Lamps such as Vibia Wireflow or Vibia Slim, are to be considered real light installations, almost light sculptures, that furnish and give style and character to projects. Vibia lamps are present in many famous projects all over the world, shaping themselves according to the designers' needs, but always keeping a clean and linear design that can be adapted to the customer's needs. Customization is therefore one of the brand's objectives, which summarizes this mission in the claim "Light your way". Designers find in Vibia products a valid help in design, because they can shape the space, imagine their own light composition, manage project information, share details, model the light according to the needs of the project, visualize the final design. Numerous awards received over the years: the Flamingo pendant lamp collection received the 'Design Plus powered by Light+Building' award in the Exhibitor category in 2016; ALGORITHM was selected as the best architectural lamp of 2017 by Interior Design magazine. The NORTH lamp designed by Arik Levy, was chosen in 2018 by Interior Design magazine as the best floor lamp of the year, while the Tempo lamp won the Archiproducts Design Awards (ADA), also in 2018, in the lighting category for its innovative and elegant design.

Plug-in pendant lamps

Among the innovative Vibia products designed to improve the quality of life and environments, here is the solution for those who live in a temporary situation, for example a rented house, or for those who have to set up a temporary space or furnish a historical residence with very high ceilings and have difficulty in preparing the wiring to install pendant lamps but do not want to give up the charm of a pendant lamp: plug-in pendant lamps, ceiling lamps with socket. This option is available in Flamingo, Wireflow Free-Form and North Floor-Pendant lamps. Flamingo, designed by Antoni Arola, bears the English name of the flamingo, from which it inherits its elegant bearing. The design is characterized by a series of diffusers spaced apart, alternating with LED light sources, produces a pleasant lighting effect. Wireflow Free-Form has a thin geometric profile in continuity with its electrical cable, can be ceiling or wall mounted, and has an infinite number of possible configurations. The North Floor-Pendant lamp by Arik Levy cannot be defined as a pendant lamp, but can be considered the perfect synthesis between a floor lamp and a pendant lamp: the final effect is that of a light that comes from above, with the comfort, however, of a floor lamp that can be moved where it is needed. The designer's project was to visually connect floor and ceiling without necessarily having to wire the walls. He designed a modular and easily movable luminaire, consisting of three separate elements, a floor counterweight connected to the electrical cable, a thin carbon fibre stem and a triangular diffuser containing the LED light source.

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