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Merzig / Germany

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Villeroy & Boch Fliesen is known as one of the main producers of high-hand tiles and shares its roots with those of Villeroy & Boch, a historical brand in the ceramic industry. Since its establishment in the heart of Europe, Villeroy & Boch has been progressing till becoming one of the leading companies on the international market of sanitary products and can rely on a long tradition that has influenced the culture of bathrooms. The long company history that dates back to over two centuries ago is filled with achievements and is the evidence of the successful development of the company and the Villeroy & Boch Fliesen brand face to the ever changing needs of its customers. Strongly rooted in the European culture, the company uses its century-long know-how to best interpret current trends and the innovations introduced thanks to technological advancements. It is in this dual dimension that unites tradition and innovation that Villeroy & Boch Fliesen takes a leading position on the market and develops design solutions that add value to spaces of all kinds and sizes.

Floors and covering by Villeroy & Boch Fliesen

Villeroy & Boch Fliesen uses ceramic as a means of expression for floors and covering while never loosing on its functional dimension. The pioneer wit and the visionary ideas are two facets of the company philosophy that today as in the past allows Villeroy & Boch Fliesen to acquire a prominent role in the ceramic industry. Social responsibility permeates the company at all levels, from the vertex to the most operative roles. The offer by Villeroy & Boch Fliesen targets an audience that wishes to enrich the internal and external spaces with design elements that combine refinement and usefulness. The collection of covering and floors in porcelain stoneware with its timeless elegance is wide and diversified. An example is provided by Stateroom, a floor and covering in porcelain stoneware with metal effect, ideal for the indoor. Among the products by Villeroy & Boch Fliesen, the exclusive Marmochic marble effect is available both for flooring (60 x 60 cm, 60 x 120 cm) and covering (30 x 60 cm, 30 x 90 cm, 40 x 120 cm) in porcelain stoneware with marble effect, also suitable for sterile contexts. It is furthermore available in the three Essential White, Deep Pearl and Dark Illusion color variants to best suit any type of environment and requirement. X-Plane, on the other hand is a porcelain stoneware floor with concrete effect, that can be used as for the indoor and the outdoor flooring and comes in the square 60 x 60 format and different nuances.

Porcelain stoneware inspired by nature or industrial design

Alta is a concept of tiles for all areas in the house. Alta embodies a perfect symbiosis between a simple natural effect and refined design. The principle that underlays Alta expresses through its multiple variants the idea of beneficial quietness and multi-layer creativity. The colors of the porcelain stoneware are inspired by nature and a special touch is given by the fine mica-quarzite. Choosing Alta for a domestic environment means immersing into a natural ambiance and a unique style. Besides the authentic and natural nuances for the floor, what enhances the spaces with their sober lines are especially the tiles, able to emphasize the design with soft metallic glazed surfaces. Rocky.Art is a tile decorated in white paste which elegance stands in its exclusive glass covering. From the fusion between the aesthetic power of the natural stone and concrete, a tile of extraordinary versatility has come to life, available in a wide variety of colors, décors and formats in white paste and vilbostone porcelain stoneware. The aesthetic value of natural stone and the pure look of concrete merge in Rock.Art to create a symbiosis of style, an accurate expression of that art capable to cast a subdued beauty to a home. Ombra represents a sophisticate design series, which silver color offers a splendid glow. Ombra embodies two optical effects in one single design, so that the graphic floral décor is more or less visible depending on the observation angle and the light available. The Ombra tile series, ideal to emphasize a space such as the bathroom, confers calmness to the environment. Falconar, on the other hand, is a surface that mimics concrete and is crossed by a sophisticate natural mesh structure a real marriage between industrial architecture and contemporary design. Falconar is a tile series conceived for urban environments, that recalls progress within the domestic walls. Its industrial character and unique aesthetics with aged effect, offers ample opportunities to set up a modern and cozy space. The design of the decorative tiles features simple, sober and refined geometrical shapes. ... More ... less

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