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Vimar is an Italian company specialising in electrical systems and home automation components. Founded in 1945 in Marostica in the province of Vicenza, it has become a sector leader and representative of Made-in-Italy excellence thanks to its high quality and constant innovation. Vimar was born out of the need to supply products for civil use. In the 1950s, Vimar produced items from plugs and wall sockets with glass discs to the famous bakelite pear-shaped switch; in the following decade, the brand moved on to the first civil series in thermoplastic material. The flagships of the Vimar catalogue remain the historic Plana and Eikon lines. Starting in 2005, the company's core business shifted towards automation with the development of the By-Me home automation system. In 2011, Vimar acquired the Elvox brand, a leading Italian video door entry system company. This marked the birth of the Vimar Group, which today boasts a solid sales network and factories around the world.

Vimar domestic series - classic and always up-to-date, now also connected

The Vimar catalogue offers a range of residential products that have been tried and tested for more than twenty years, now with a new look and technology. The basic series is still the renowned Plana, always up-to-date with its simplicity and essentiality. The plates, available in 4 materials and 37 finishes, together with white or polished silver buttons, allow infinite solutions suitable for any furnishing style. The Eikon series, always synonymous with excellence, is available in 4 lines to satisfy every style requirement. Eikon Exé is a versatile line that relies on 7 precious materials and 27 finishes, providing the public and designers with infinite solutions for stylish details that really make the difference. The Eikon Exé Vintage version features lever controls, perfect for interiors with a retro vibe. Made of metal, they are available in matt white, anthracite grey, brushed nickel, gold and bronze finishes. At the opposite end of the spectrum is the Eikon Flat series, with flat backlit controls in a square for a minimalist and essential style. Thanks to the Exé box, the plates can be inserted flush with plasterboard walls. Launched in 2012, Arké is the first series to feature technology for connected systems and home automation. It is available in three lines: Arké Classic, with its traditional linear design; Arké Fit, with its thin dimension in an exclusive range of materials and 11 colours; and Arké Round, with its rounded and convex shape.

Vimar solutions for home and building automation

The Vimar catalogue offers a wide range of solutions for home and building automation. Thanks to the Vimar View Wireless system, the Vimar civil series allows the creation of connected systems without wiring, replacing only switches. The new line includes diverters, actuators for awnings, rolling shutters, and connected sockets, and thermostats, all equipped with Bluetooth® and Zigbee® technology. Bluetooth WiFi IoT Gateway and the integrated View App make it possible to connect a home WiFi network to the Cloud, smartphones, tablets and voice assistants to control the various functions. Vimar also offers IoT network-integrated products, such as wireless controls, Friends of Hue controls for Philips HUE smart lamps, 4+4W Bluetooth Amplifier, Smart Thermostat, smart cameras. By-Me Plus is a home automation system with BUS wiring and a protocol open to the KNX language for those who want an even greater degree of automation. This international standard allows customers to connect devices made by different manufacturers. The KNX line includes the Touch Screen Supervisor for scenario management. Vimar also has the By-web App, KNX 4 or 6 button controls, the Touch KNX thermostat, and the weather station for remote control. The Vimar KNX system works with the By-alarm burglar alarm system, the Elvox CCTV system, the Elvox video entry system and the Elvox Automazioni access control system. Vimar system devices developed using standard KNX technology are aesthetically coordinated with the Eikon, Arké and Plana residential lines. These include the Eikon Tactil series of electronic civil plates featuring touch-sensitive buttons behind a glass surface. The Eikon Tactil thermostat has an elegant and minimalist design with a simple and intuitive display, which won it the prestigious Red Dot Award in 2021. ... More ... less

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