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VINEKO is a Hong Kong-based manufacturer of garden furniture. Its production ranges from sofas and armchairs to tables and chairs, garden beds and loungers to lighting. VINEKO’s story began in 2007, born out of a passion for thoughtfully crafted outdoor furniture. Emboldened by a spirit to constantly do better, the company have evolved from small beginnings to in-house creations and collaborations with international designers from diverse backgrounds, to shape several eclectic and quality outdoor furniture collections.

VINEKO: Made with quality

VINEKO’s furniture is known for its quality and timeless beauty. In every piece the company infuse its in-depth engineering knowledge and skilled craftsmanship. VINEKO places a huge emphasis on precision, organisation and pays acute attention to detail, to ensure comfortable and stylish products that lasts. Quality is ensured in every step taken from designing, engineering, production and even customer experience, down to every detail. ... More ... less

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