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VIRAG is located in the heart of Lombardia, Cernusco sul Naviglio in the north of Milan.
The company offers transversal solutions in the world of floorings, ensuring the best technology in the production of laminates , PVC , LVT , wood, suitable to the highest international standards.
Several million square meters sold in Italy and abroad, are the business card of a company that has made innovation and research , the main goal to achieve, always anticipating the needs in applying the best design, for a world which we walk every day, and we must make the vision of a warm and comfortable environment.
Our flooring products have been created and developed around the world to ensure unique projects that can last over time, and guarantee the highest certifications required.
Nothing can be achieved without having genuine qualities, and nothing can be secure without having all incomparable, but we really believe that offering the highest standards of service, is the most fulfilling attitude to demonstrate to our many partners that this is the only way to stay in time what we are. ... More ... less

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VIRAG and MADE EXPO: a synonym for Evolution
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