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The Italina company Vitrealspecchi is specialized in satin glass and chemically etched flat glass products. Many products from the company's catalogue are marketed under the Madras® brand which was first registered in 1965. Long and unique experience in the sector enables Vitrealspecchi to transform float glass – whether monolithic, laminated, silvered or lacquered – into precious materials with special features highly appreciateded by Architects and Designs alike. The high prestige of those products is not only due to the exceptional quality of the raw materials but also to the creative and industrial processes and the manufacturing in Italy, in full compliance with European environmental legislation.

The Vitrealspecchi catalogue features both decorative and functional products, such as anti-slip flooring and stairs, glass doors and shower screens or finishes for furniture and boiserie, to name only a few. With such a wide field of application, from construction (both exterior and interior) to furnishing, the catalogue offers solutions for very different types of use, whether residential or public spaces, retail structures, offices, hotels and spas.

Vitrealspecchi - a short history of the company

Vitrealspecchi was founded in 1939 by a family with years of experience in the field of the processing of industrial glass, active in this sector since the beginning of the 20th century. When it was first decided to concentrate on mirrors (hence the actual name of the company), the company became one of the first in Italy to install an automated production line for large sized plate glass mirrors. Later, in the the mid-sixties, Vitrealspecchi began focussing on an ancient glass working technique. This led to the patenting of the first process for satinizing and etching float glass on an industrial scale and marked the beginning of the Madras® brand.

Today Vitrealspecchi is a internationally renowned manufacturer. And this is not only on account of its exclusive place in the history of etched, satin-finished glass. Most of all it is because of the enormous progress made on a practical level which made it possible to offer special, exclusive finishes and types of product for the most diverse applications, from construction to doors and windows and furnishing.

Chemical processes and environmental responsibility

The chemical etching of glass is carried out using substances which, if not treated appropriately, must be regarded as pollutants. In order to protect the environment, strict guidelines have been adopted in the past, both according to Italian and European law, according to which the effluents and gaseous emissions resulting from these chemical processes are measured and evaluated.

With 50 years of experience in the field and in close collaboration with analytical and research facilities, Vitrealspecchi stands for unique know-how in the handling and treatment of liquid and gaseous residues and has state-of-the-art systems for special cleaning. The company therefore fully complies with all European environmental legislation.

The only proper handling of this particular responsibility inevitably leads to higher costs for the cleaning processes. But both the quality and the ecological sustainability of the final product are worth these extra efforts, at any time, and are not underestimated by consumers. ... More ... less
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