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Zola / Italy

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In 1866 Sir Vittorio Martini establishes the Ancient Factory Vittorio Martini in Bologna, described as a "Workshop specialized in manufacturing high-precision instruments for technical drawing, computing and engineering".
In 1889 the IX Congress of Italian Engineers and Architects awards the Factory's quality of production with a high recognition followed, a decade later, by the Gold Medal. With time, Vittorio Martini production has managed to combine innovation and rigour, by shaping precious materials, such as wood, perspex and aluminium, and turning them into refined objects for drawing, precision and writing. Today, in its 150 years’ anniversary, the Company is still supported by professionalism, knowledge, and characterized by a deep passion for the realization of high-precision products.
Each product does express what is tangible: the quality of materials, the perfect details, good proportions, as well as the artisan work of expert hands through elegant and capable gestures. For this reason, Vittorio Martini products are chosen as the ideal didactic materials adopted by the best schools.
The centuries-old and famed history of Vittorio Martini production of reliable technical drawing tools has allowed architects, engineers and designers in leaving "a trace." Imaging the pencil as the beginning of each creative process.

Martini's philosophy

Vittorio Martini collections do research and strive towards “conceptuality”. A concept, in fact, does define the fundamentals for each collection and provides the basic ground for its realization.Each new proposal must have a clear target, esthetical as well as of intellectual thoroughness; the latter being able to suggest a philosophy, a cultural concept, or a life style, without falling into exceeded seriousness but instead, whenever possible, matching itself with a good sense of irony.
High quality products where attention is placed on the choice of materials, backwards philosophies and design concepts behind each new collection, and research for forefront stylistic and technical solutions.
Today, as then, the Company is supported by professionalism, knowledge, and characterized by a deep passion for the realization of high-precision products. In its over 150 years of activity, Vittorio Martini has developed an high quality production of artisan tools for measurement, calculation, and writing. Elegantly shaping valuable materials such as wood and perspex, it has been capable of coming out with refined and essential working instruments as expressions of manual skills and creativity. Instruments, which were once considered to be strictly functional, and transformed today into elegant and fine accessories returning pleasure to whom has chosen them. Along the way… behind each step and product, there must be a concept, a soul, art or a day to day life story.

Tailor made products

Vittorio Martini creative guideline shuns from the oxymoron of a standard corporate personalization which simply considers a corporate item for just a logo printing or the use of an institutional colour. Customization means stepping into the living entity of a corporate company and, together, study and elaborate one or more products which are well expressive of the contest. Our proposal will then have to catch the deep soul and identity of the client company, and the product must become the symbol of whatever is to be conveyed. Our expert artisans do work together with a dedicated team of graphics and designers; while, laser engraving, tampography and other tools for special customizations are realized in-house innovative machineries. ... More ... less