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The Norwegian design studio Volver, founded in 2018 by designer Ksenia Stanishevski, offers curated collections of handtufted premium rugs for private and public spaces. Volver aims to enrich the notion of Scandinavian design with a vibrant diversity of artistic and individual expressions. Collaboration is a core value in Volver. Each single rug is a result of a joined effort of a diverse network of people. Their energy, expertise, passion and work is in the fiber of each product. Volver's work is exhibited on fairs, such as Milano Design Week and Oslo Design Fair, exhibitions and museums, such as Kristiansand Kunsthall and South Telemark Museums.

Volver's Craftsmanship & Responsibility

For the production of its handmade rugs, Volver collaborates with Indian rug producers. India's long and proud tradition of making rugs enables us to both create rugs of the highest quality and to contribute to sustain and develop further this beautiful heritage. As a company Volver constantly works on improving the rug industry both ethically, socially and environmentally. Volver works only with natural fibres, such as New Zealand wool, fine Indian wool, silk, bamboo viscose, wool felt and jute. The quality and properties of the fibres are determined according to diameter of the fiber, the color, strength, crimp and yield. In its palette Volver operates with 75 types of yarn, 30 natural shades and 1200 colors. This provides Volver with a wide creative playground. Each rug is a result of a team work by designers, suppliers, craftsmen and managers. The process has many stages and involves several specialists throughout the value chain. Design and manufacturing go hand in hand with physical prototyping as a central task. This ensures the best match between the artistic idea and the technical quality.

Design and Art à la Volver

Volver's vision is to enrich the Scandinavian design with the variety of personal artistic expressions. The studio aims to show the vibrancy, boldness and creative generosity of modern Norwegian design scene internationally. Volver collaborates with Norway's best talents within design, architecture and art. The invited collaborators are given an open creative brief to express themselves freely and bring their personality, temper and visuals forward. In a dialogue and a co-creation process with the Art Director and founder Ksenia Stanishevski, these free ideas take shape into ready commercial products. The designs address often themes beyond the ambitions of the interior textiles. Each collection is imbued with a special narrative, aesthetic and technical leitmotifs. Volver's work never develops into predictability. You would always keep on wondering what's next. The inspiration springs forth from anywhere, handmade drawings (Kanvas collection), longing for the nature's untouched state (Nature and Stone collection), ideals of the past or beauty in the unconventional. The ideas infused into designs are charged with the artist's personal depth and challenge the notion of what we think an object, like a rug, actually is. Is a rug a canvas, fashion, art piece, décor, installation, fabric? Each creative process is unique. It can start with a stone sculpture, an acrylic painting, hand free sketches, color palette or a piece of wood. The exploration begins from an impulse and evolves through sketches, production drawings, material and colors sampling, choosing the right technical execution and finally a 1:1 final piece. These products are brought to the customer, to inspire, use and enjoy.

Customization and Design Services

Volver provides custom rugs and wall decorations for private residences, commercial and public spaces, putting emphasis on enchancing the architectural concept and bring forth the qualities of the interior. All Volver designs can be adapted in size, color, pattern and shape. The studio also develops bespoke solutions exclusively for the individual project. ... More ... less

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