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Vortice is a European market leader and has been manufacturing fans in Milan since 1954. We have operated in the UK since 1977, and have offices at Burton on Trent with warehousing at Tamworth just off the M42 motorway. Our Technical Department offers a free, full design and quotation service (guaranteeing scheme compliance with current regulations) along with complete technical back up for any queries that may arise at the design, installation, or post-installation stage. We have over 12 years of continuous experience operating this high service level as a supplier partner of one of the top 3 House builders in the UK.

Why should you use Vortice products?

Combine the stylish Italian design and innovation with the reliability and history of a company dedicated to improve the quality of air we breathe. Care for the environment with specific attention to the development of technologies and applications in line with the latest ecological standards. Production processes founded on the concept of sustainability. We have the products today to meet the needs of the market tomorrow.

Vortice Indoor Comfort

One of man’s basic needs is to live in a comfortable healthy environment. Our physical well-being largely depends on the quality of indoor heating, cooling and relative humidity. For this reason the air we breathe every day must be kept as pure and pollution free as possible. For 50 years, Vortice has continued to provide effective solutions for improved air quality, using the latest technology to develop and manufacture effective products world wide.

Vortice Design

Vortice has always considered product design of primary importance. Although the products are made to improve the quality of our life, they are also designed to havea pleasing appearance, as well as being both ergonomic and functional. From the ‘70s, the aesthetic appearance of Vortice products had been exceptional thanks to the collaboration of such prestigious international names as Zanuso, Sapper, Trabucco and Vecchi. The great amount of effort put into achieving these results has undoubtedly lengthened the life of many of the products with timeless designs.

Vortice Safety

Vortice was one of the first companies to have its product quality certified by the "IMQ", the Italian Mark of Quality Institute, an independent committee which is acknowledged by all quality control organisations worldwide. Vortice applies all necessary testing procedures, to ensure maximum consumer safety. Furthermore, as a guarantee for its customers, the performance of each Vortice product designed for domestic and commercial ventilation is independently verified through the Information Label, which is issued by IMQ.

Vortice Sustainability

Over the last few years, all of our new product lines have been designed to comply with the requirements of Article 4 of the WEEE (Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment) Directive, being “Designed for Disassembly” and to be recyclable. Our aim is to continue to strive for improvement of our product designs to try to ensure that the whole life cycle of the product is considered. Fewer components – easier to source. Designed for disassembly – therefore easier to assemble and maintain. All components marked – for ease of recycling. By their very nature our products are “Green by Design” ... More ... less

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