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Hameln / Germany

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Vorwerk has been manufacturing carpets since 1883. The small factory of yore has become an enterprise operating on a global scale. And out of the craft to design high-grade textile floor coverings has grown a responsibility for ecological, economic and social balance. Sophistication, creativity and intelligence revolving around the floor as central theme – they make Vorwerk Carpets one of the leading international suppliers of high-quality carpets for the private and commercial sector. One of the decisive factors: the design. Design is form, function and colour. But not only that: Design is materials and construction, too. Vorwerk regularly exhibits collections and special editions which have arisen in co-operation with internationally renowned architects, designers and artists. These and other projects form the cultural substance that makes up the brand, the driving, creative force behind Vorwerk Carpets.

Vorwerk - Sustainability and innovation

Before any company-wide decision is made, at Vorwerk Carpets a priority is given to the question of ecologically accountable, of sensible action. Innovation, quality and a combined ecological and social balance are the basis for all activities – fully in alignment with “Eco Balance”, the programme agenda at Vorwerk with which we bring the different aspects of sustainability into a symbiotic context. Essential towards accomplishing this are our years of know-how in producing and selecting our materials for production. Vorwerk Carpets fulfils the highest international standards for quality and banks on novel, low-emission and resource-conserving technologies and methods within the entire product-creation process – for instance, the fully automatic dye dosage and batch preparation station, or the cold-dyeing method.

Yet not only production pursues this demand for sustainability; the products do so as well. That our TEXtiles technology refrains from using bitumen and PVCs is just one example. The comprehensive quality heralded in the new LIFE BALANCE label is ensured via strict regular inspection control by gui-lab – an association of well-known independent environmental institutes. gui-lab certifies compliance with the highest standards and guarantees the product attributes “tested for harmful substances”, “tested for presence of fine dust”, and “recommended for people suffering from allergies” vested in the “Life Balance” label. We have ourselves audited regularly by international auditing councils. ... More ... less




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