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Wagner ist a traditional chair brand, that focuses on the well-being of humans. The feel-good factor becomes apparent for them when design, movement and health are in unison. Through consequent research and development they have created an excellent patent. They proved, that it is it is possible to sit healthy. Everywhere where humans have high demands on their daily quality of life – from the modern office and the superior home to the sophisticated gastronomy. Their slogan is: MOVE YOUR LIFE!

Movement – the central part of our life

Nowadays we spend up to 14 hours in a seated position. 50% of all Germans suffer at least once a year from back pain, 25% already suffer chronically. For many this means a permanent psychological strain. The top priority for Wagner is to go against this and increase the performance by caring about the people’s well-being. The most important criteria when buying an office chair, is not whether it moves, but how it moves!


As a manufacturing company in Germany, WAGNER attaches a lot of importance to the environmentally friendly use of natural resources and to protection and conservation for following generations. The goal for the coming years is to communicate this objective to all participants throughout the supply chain and to establish measures for environmental protection. ... More ... less

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