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Wall&decò, a brand that produces decorative wallpaper for indoor and outdoor wall coverings, was born from an idea of the advertising photographer Christian Benini, and breaks the traditional patterns of the market by bringing an exclusive style to the world of wallpaper, which redefines the aesthetics of wall decoration. In every product signed by Wall&decò designers there is novelty, sense of taste, attention to color palettes that create worlds to be told with wallpaper. Every roll of Wall&decò wallpaper has the ability to make even the simplest spaces of creative environments where you can get lost between reality and imagination. Wall&decò boasts several awards that tell of success and growth worldwide. Among the most important are the German Design Award 2019 in the category "Construction and Elements" for the Wet System line and special mention for the Essential line. With the Kaze product from the Essenzial Wallpaper collection, Wall&Decò won the Archiproducts Design Awards 2018 in the finishes category.

Wall&Decò: wallpaper for indoor, outdoor and wet environments

Contemporary Wallpaper is the beginning of a creative journey that makes Wall&Decò wallpaper one of the best on the market. The project continues its growth in 2012 with Out System, a specific wall covering for external facades, with special technical features: antismog, resistant to yellowing and rain, it supports the application on different surfaces, the thermal coat, painted walls or concrete. Wet System, on the other hand, is the technical coating for damp environments that combines the waterproofing function of liquid sheaths with the decorative beauty of a Wall&decò wall covering. Patented since 2013 it is considered a system with the first decorative waterproofing sheath. Ideal for wellness and fitness centers, SPAs or commercial facilities services, Wet System is more than just a wall covering. It is decoration that excels in its technical qualities, which makes the surfaces of wet environments waterproof and beautiful. In both collections the Wall&decò designers' desire is to develop a product that is not only useful but with a high decorative value thanks to uses not yet explored.

From fashion to wallpapers, the birth of Wall&Decò

The brand's project was born from an inspiration that came by chance, from Christian Benini, advertising and fashion photographer. His vision of art, together with his passion for furniture photography, transformed an intuition into a brand in continuous growth, which today receives awards and recognition from all over the world. This is how Wall&Decò wallpaper was born, from an illumination during a photo shoot. Christian Benini understands that the reproduction of an image can also be used to decorate and furnish a wall: "I have never perceived our coverings as simple backgrounds, but rather as real furnishing accessories with the same value as, for example, a sofa or a console". With these words Christian Benini makes the brand philosophy well understood. Wall&decò's collections are born according to this identity philosophy, with contemporary proposals suitable for interior decoration but also for external coverings and humid environments. Photographic enlargements, oversize designs, research into materials and much more: aesthetics and technical mastery come together to create unique decorative solutions, which come to life thanks to handcrafted proposals tailored to the customer, to create customized solutions for wall decoration.

Wall&Decò wallpapers on sale online

On the Archiproducts online shop, the latest Wall&Decò news are on sale: discover the new 2020 collection and choose your favourite wallpaper. ... More ... less

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