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werner works is an owner-managed, medium-sized company that has been focusing on the topic of storage space for more than 60 years. We aim to combine but not replace tradition with innovation and contemporary style. werner works develops, manufactures and sells high-quality, trendsetting office and building interior fittings with a high level of user friendliness. The product range centres on flexible storage space solutions and modular solutions for reception and consultant workstations. These are sold through authorised specialist dealers.

We take the meaning of "storage room" literally. werner works not only makes cabinets with optimum storage options, but furniture that both creates and structures rooms. We are convinced that cabinets are an essential element of any overall architectural concept, and they are therefore not just a secondary product, but a core competence.

By focusing clearly on specialist ranges, werner works also makes use of its know-how as a storage specialist to offer customised product solutions alongside series production. In this respect werner works regards itself as a competent partner in dialogue with architects, planners and naturally end customers. We regard the individuality and variety of our customers as an expression of strength of character.

The werner works products are hallmarked by their attention to detail. With our passion for achieving optimum technical solutions, the constant search for new innovations and intelligent fitting technology as well as high design demands, we develop furniture systems with perfection that is evident through to the last detail. This quality is not expressed in words, but in the furniture itself.

The components of the werner works products are sourced exclusively from certified and qualified companies. All individual product components can be separated and therefore ultimately recycled. Our products are of quantifiably high quality, timeless design and have a long service life. Long-lasting and durable products are our most important contribution to environmental protection. This is our comprehension of sustainability. ... More ... less

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