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Willowlamp is an innovative, award-winning South African lighting company whose products are anchored in one simple yet very ingenious idea: a patented method of attaching ball-chain to laser-cut steel frames. A tiny notch in the metal frame is the key to creating a fastener-free chain curtain system, which unleashes endless design possibilities, which range from very simple sleek lampshades that are relatively affordable to massive highly complex sculptural art forms and custom chandeliers that are appropriate for massive projects at even the most extreme high-end of the market. It is possible to choose from a variety of sizes and ball chain finishes within Willowlamp design collections to suit your individual taste and lifestyle. Willowlamp lighting design collections are divided into the following main groupings: Art-Piece Chandeliers, Classic Chandeliers, Pendants, Wall-Lamps, Table & Standing Lamps. Each Willowlamp is available in different finishes, and the height and length of pendants and chandeliers can be tailored to suit every space.
Adam Hoets is the Founder and Creative Director of Willowlamp. Inspired by nature’s sculptural forms, Willowlamp’s lighting designs are imbued with the beauty seen in nature. Hoets graduated as an Architect from the University of Cape Town in 2000 and later specialised in designing sustainable buildings that integrate harmoniously into their surroundings with sculptural and functional forms. Living and working on the slopes of Table Mountain in Cape Town, Willowlamp was naturally the next chapter in Hoets’ journey as an artist and designer. Hoets’ training and love of nature results in beautiful and inspired products that combine organic-imbued aesthetics with precise technical detail, and design, using world-class technology and materials. This approach ensures consistency and the best possible quality in every willowlamp that is produced, from the most breath-taking chandelier to the more archetypal table lamp that is perfectly subtle in its simplicity.

Unique Contemporary Lighting Design by Willowlamp

The willowlamp success story began with a deceptively simple idea: our patented notch system that allows curtains, veils, or latticeworks of straight, looped, or willowed metal ball chains, to flow elegantly from laser-cut steel frames, to create an infinite variety of nature-inspired designs. Inspired by sacred geometry and the many abstractions and extrusions of mathematical shapes and forms found in nature, our design collections celebrate the beauty surrounding us from flowers to enchanted forests, sea shells, rivers, storms, and galaxies. Today, our award-winning, cutting-edge designs bring life and light to large and small spaces all over the world. Our original lighting designs are crafted with world-class lighting technology, craftsmanship, and superior materials to create timeless yet functional works of art. When you invest in a willowlamp, it is a true investment in style, creativity, and individual expression.
Through creativity, we aspire to enrich people's lives: those who live with our products and those who create them. Our designs fuse organic forms with high tech materials and processes to create a dramatic new genre of lighting. Our work is a symbolic merging of nature and technology. Though each component is industrially manufactured, every lamp is hand-assembled. Each fixture is the result of collaboration between the needs of the user, the creativity of the designer and the skills of the fabricator. Our responsibility is to harness creativity and transform it into high-quality, beautiful objects for everyday use.
Since our inception in 2005, we have won several prestigious awards and have been showcased on numerous design fairs and shows locally and abroad. Willowlamp is distributed globally via our international trading partners and also directly to the consumer and the trade. Everything we make is painstakingly hand assembled in-house at our factory in Cape Town. All of our components are made from the highest quality materials available and we have scoured the earth to find the best lighting systems and technologies to integrate into our designs. To keep apace with global trends we are also currently in the process of adapting all our designs to more energy efficient alternatives and can already offer LED solutions to many of our lamp designs on request.

Willowlamp bespoke lighting design

Bespoke lights from Willowlamp lend your space a unique and stylish atmosphere that surfaces far above trends, ensuring an investment into unique designer lighting that blends light with art and style. Unleash your creativity and consult with us to create the perfect willowlamp to showcase your self-expression. Our custom willowlamp design service is ideal for those looking for interiors that make a statement and reflect your individuality. We have created bespoke installations for private homes and hospitality spaces including restaurants and hotels, all over the world. Custom-made willowlamps can be gigantic architectural installations, larger-than-life one-off creations, or limited editions. Our willowlamp patented notch system is simple yet so versatile, it provides the design flexibility to give form to complex ideas. We are able to custom design bespoke lighting that brings life to any space, regardless of height, volume or shape. We encourage you to let your imagination run wild and develop your very own unique willowlamp creation or lighting installation using our patented fastener-free system. When you design your own willowlamp it is a true one-of-a-kind sculptural light work that does not exist anywhere else in the world. ... More ... less

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