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Wittmann is an Austrian company specialized in the manufacturing of contract furnishing and especially in the living and sleeping sectors. The company embodies an ancient and solid tradition finding its roots in the saddlery and leather shop started by the family in 1896 not far from Vienna. In the ‘60s, Franz Wittmann decided to convert the business to produce upholstered pieces of furniture calling in designers and architects to design the collections. Wittmann mission is to offer classic style, elegant and comfortable furniture that are able to stand the test of time. Each piece is handcrafted and can be customized in order to meet the most peculiar requirement. Wittmann has a broad and diversified catalog for restaurants, offices, boutiques and hotel furnishing that also includes the re-edition of design icons such as the Josef Hoffmann and Friedrich Kiesler seating. Among the most representative works of Wittmann style, the Contessa 1956 armchair stands out as a design classic recently come back on the catalog with an astonishing reinterpretation.

Wittmann furnishing solutions for the living area

Besides the updated version of the Contessa 1956 armchair, Wittmann pffers the re-edition of the seating that have made the history of design. The legendary collections of sofas and armchairs designed by Josef Hoffmann a century ago and including Kubus, Allegasse, Villa Gallia, Sitzmaschine, to mention some of them, make a come back to furnish contemporary spaces thanks to the passion for timeless design and to Wittman craftsmen mastery. Also the rationalist-style seating by Friedrich Kiesler have undergone precious re-editions, like the Party Lounge sofa or the Freischwinger Nr.2 armchair. Wittmann’s collaboration with the architect Johannes Spalt in the ‘50s resulted in the 3/4 furniture collection, re-appeared on today catalog with the Constanze 3/4 armchair with tufted upholstered back and seat and thin chromed steel feet. Among Wittmann’s new entries, the Paradise Bird collection sticks out; designed by Luca Nichetto, it includes a lounge armchair, a chair with a high back, a two seats sofa and a pouf. The ethereal metal structure with vertical grid embraces a generous seating upholstered with quality goose feather and puffy cushions. A collection of a purely contemporary design, and yet drawing inspiration by Wittmann iconic models, able to bring together elegance and comfort. The Miles collection with its soft and compact lines includes a sofa, an armchair, a footrest and a one-of a-a-kind piece of furniture renamed “pouflounge" by its designer Sebastian Herkner. A bed, a sofa and a dormeuse at the same time, Miles pouflounge is a place where to rest, work, sleep alone or together with other people. The Vuelta collection was conceived by Jaime Hayon to adorn with a sophisticate elegance the lounge and dining areas of public spaces, while guaranteeing the bespoken comfort of the Wittmann brand. Sofas, dormeuse, armchairs, chairs, benches with smooth, snug shapes make up a comprehensive collection to match all needs.

Wittmann solutions for the night area

Wittmann can praise a long experience in the design and manufacturing of high quality beds and mattresses. Wittmann solutions for the night area are structured on a modular system allowing to compose the bed by choosing the elements that best accommodate individual requirements. Bases, headboards, frames, mattresses and complements can be combined in a range of options responding to different functions and different furnishing styles. The Wings Bed collection sticks out for its opulent design and impressive aesthetic effect. The upholstered headboard features two lateral tilting wings finely oval-shaped, that can be closed or opened so to create something of a more or less intimate spot. The structure is completed by LED reading spotlights and side nightstands with a rounded shape and a leather cover. With the launching of Joyce, the designers Nada Nasrallah and Christian Horner found out an excellent solutions to shape a slender and light looking bed that could accommodate the highest of Wittman catalog mattresses, the Sandmann Imperial Pocket. ... More ... less

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