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YOSHIMOTO is Japan's world-renowned kitchen counter, kitchen sink, bowl-integrated counter, and washbasin maker. The half-century reputation has been built upon a strong foundation of material science expertise, universal design, craftsmanship, and Japanese quality. YOSHIMOTO has researched, developed, and manufactured a wide range of material classes including BMC ARTIFICIAL MARBLE, ULTRA SURFACE, and CRYSTAL SURFACE exclusively for kitchen and bath product applications. The products are now widely used by millions of households and are the product of choice by most major house makers and developers in Japan with thousands of products being shipped daily.

YOSHIMOTO’s kitchen counters

YOSHIMOTO’s kitchen counters account for the largest market share in Japan. It has earned the No. 1 reputation because of its superior material properties such as stain and chemical resistance, impact resistance, and heat resistance compared to that of other counter materials. Using one of Japan’s leading systems of super-large press machines, YOSHIMOTO produces and supplies an unimaginably large amount of kitchen counters to the market. The counter comes with distinctive design features with an integrated backsplash, an apron, and usually a seamlessly under-mounted sink. The line-up offers a wide range of colors, surface textures, and shapes to meet the various needs of kitchen counters.

Kitchen Sink made of CRYSTAL SURFACE

High-performance sinks are made of CRYSTAL SURFACE material which can withstand harsh using conditions for a long time such as frequently pouring hot and cold water or leaving greasy and dark-colored food ingredients for hours. It can be either seamlessly under-mounted with the counter to enhance design unity and cleanability or over-mounted by simply dropping in regardless of counter materials. The sink is equipped with full accessories such as a bottle rack, multi-plate, and cutting board for a flexible and smooth cooking experience.

Bowl Integrated Counter

With the combination of material science and product design expertise, the integrated vanity tops provide ever-lasting comfort and beauty to the living space. The bowl and the counter are integrally molded and are designed with careful consideration of dimensional factors, shapes, and sizes to deliver not only high functionality but also beauty to the washroom.


The elegant and innovative washbowls bring joy and relaxation to the daily life. It differentiates from others with exceptionally smooth curves, and distinctive sharp edges but is hard to break, thanks to the excellent impact resistance property of the BMC Artificial Marble material technology. It is embodied by the Japanese minimal design to infuse a refined atmosphere into the living space. ... More ... less




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