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ZENS Lifestyle

Paris / France

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Founded in 2009, Zens is a home interior lifestyle brand that promotes healthy living by creating contemporary teaware and home decor that encourages us to pause every once in a while and simply enjoy the moment.
Working with designers from all over the world, Zens has grown to become a leader in home and lifestyle products with offices and outlets in 6 countries. We believe in building partnerships with like-minded people brands as we continue to promote the benefits of living a life in balance.
In collaboration with designers from Italy, Japan, and the UK, we develop new collections for the international community that hold consistent with our design philosophy and aesthetic.

Zens' Philosophy

Travelling all around the world made us realize that we didn’t pay attention to those around us, to nature and to the objects we use. We think inner peace comes from our soul, and it’s affected by our environment : sounds, smells, touch.
We’ve always looked for this inner peace through the objects we use, and the places we visit. We enjoy creating objects that will sublimate in a relaxed environment such as a home. We decided to create ZENS in order to share that feeling of calm and balance. We used the association of our oriental legacy with the inspiration by occidental design to create practical and functional products.
Our ambition is to combine east and west, tradition and modernity. We want our products to embody the elegance and delicacy of Asian lifestyle.


Since its creation, ZENS considers sustainable development as the essence of its work. That’s why we only use natural materials, such as bamboo, glass, ceramic and clay, in order to reduce negative impacts on nature and prevent waste of resources. Plus, we favor processes with a low consumption of energy.
Finally, we contribute to the environment preservation by using recycled materials, and applying sustainable packaging and safe materials for consumers’ health.
All ZENS products obtained LFGB & FDA certifications. ZENS is certified ISO 9001 and SA 2000. ... More ... less