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The history of Zucchetti started in 1929 in Valduggia, in the Vercelli area (near Turin), where the forefather Alfredo Zucchetti set up a small foundry. After the second world war, his sons Mario and Luciano decided to focus on bathroom tap production. Thanks to their entrepreneurial skills the company experienced a fast growth that has brought it in our days to count four cutting-edge production plants covering a surface of 72000 squared meters and 400 employees. A crucial moment in Zucchetti lucky ascent arrived in the ‘70s, when the company started relevant collaborations with famous designers, with an intent to offer a design product which value lied not only with its functionality, but also with its ideal and artistic qualities. Names such as Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, Matteo Thun and William Sawaya, to mention only the most recent ones, have contributed to forge the remarkable aesthetic identity of the brand, while the cutting-edge technologies and hand-made quality of the products have earned the company a seat at the vertex of the global industry. The numerous awards received over the years are a testimony of this success and especially those received on the occasion of the Good Design Award, the Design Plus, together with the multiple nominations at the ADI and Elle Decoration Awards. In 2007 Zucchetti acquired the brand KOS, specialized in the manufacturing of high-hand bathtubs and shower cabins, which completed and added further value to the presence of Zucchetti on the market. Since 2019 the two brands have been coexisting as one under the Zucchetti Group, artistically guided by Matteo Fiorini Studio. A constantly innovative brand that is able to interpret the needs of the market, Zucchetti offers a complete catalog with two lines for residential purposes, Waterwords and Lab, and the Professional line, dedicated to professional users and the contract sector.

Functionality and design of Zucchetti taps

Coral to the offer by Zucchetti is the Waterwords line, where the spirit of the past and a modern taste find the perfect balance. The Savoir tap collection for washbasins, bathtubs and the shower is a unique project where the finishes and decorative solutions allow to choose among different colors: black and white for a minimalist effect; chrome coupled with bordeaux, deep blue or green bottle hues for a more classic outcome. The Pan collection includes washbasin taps and bathtub mixers with a linear and light design, for a proposition made versatile by an extraordinarily wide array. The Pan+ version encompasses articles that can be composed once and again in a modular way, so to forge tailor-made solutions thought to best adapt to the customers’ demands. The Closer overhead shower designed by Diego Grandi and awarded the Good Design Award 2017 and the Red Dot Award 2018, is one of the icons of the catalog by Zucchetti. Today, the Closer collection has come to include different versions of overhead shower and a number of washbasin and bathtub mixers. Delfi completes the Waterwords collection with its precious materials and soft rounded shapes that do not turn a blind eye on modern industrial technologies. This project that carries the signature of Marianelli Design has already attracted interest among a thousands supporters, resulting in remarkable sales volumes for the company.
The LAB line gathers collections characterized by rigorous shapes, efficiency and the use of cutting-edge technologies. Simple, but never trivial, the LAB products represent a “popular” line within the Zucchetti catalog, able to bridge accessibility and the quality of the design. An example is the Brim collection signed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, bestowed the Good Design Award 2019 and certified according to the most stringent international rules; going further, the Simply beautiful collection designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez and recognizable by its short, sharp and precise mark.

The 2020 new entries in the Zucchetti catalog

The many new products launched in 2020 show a growing orientation towards a minimalist aesthetics and a top-level design. And it could not be otherwise, if we look at the signatures these projects carry. The Medameda collection was born out of the intuition of Alberto and Francesco Meda and features organic and fluid lines that shape mixers and rosettes with a traditional but contemporary taste at the same time. The collection encompasses taps for the bidet and washbasin and for single handle, one hole washbasins and three holes with separate rosettes, countertop or wall-mounted taps, mixers and taps with individual rosettes for the shower and the bathtub. Made in brass with a low lead content, they are finished off in chrome, nickel and brushed nickel, gold and brushed gold, metal black, brushed metal black, or painted in embossed opaque black.
The Helm collection designed by David Lopez Quincoces is in absolute the first one that Zucchetti has fully made of stainless steel. The outstanding simplicity of the spout featuring an umbrella-handle shaped pipe, clashes with the more sophisticate form of the rosettes, with their white cylindrical base and the smaller cylinder resting on top, upon which the cross handles are inserted. The Helm collection is completed by a version of the tap featuring rosettes endowed with a lever handle and a single lever, one hole mixer. The finishes available for this model are brushed stainless steel, champagne, total black, chocolate. There are also other peculiar finishes for the cylinders at the base of the rosettes, to choose from, such as the parallel, vertical or crossed stripes. The leading product of the LAB line is definitely the Gill single lever mixer collection, thought both for residential use and the contract sector. Gill has a neat and minimalist design, softened by the hinted curves of the diverse cylindrical elements that compose the tap. The collection includes countertop and wall-mounted mixers for washbasins, bathtub and shower external mixers, bidet mixers, wall-mounted spouts, bathtub and shower recessed mixers and their overhead showers. ... More ... less


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