Castiglia Associati

Sergio Castiglia, Marinella Santarelli, Maria Tiziana Tazza

Terni / Italia

In 1982, Sergio Castiglia, Marinella Santarelli and Maria Tiziana Tazza established the Studio Castiglia Associati, which is involved with design, artistic direction, fittings and architecture. Over these last twenty years the studio has committed itself to researching current content and aesthetics, through creative settings and productive realities. There have been many successful products which have received mention or recognition at tradeshows and fairs in different sectors: 2000 ADI mention for FREEWAY, by CONCEPT 2004 ADI mention for Casta Diva, by ALMA brand FERROLI S.p.A. 2004 COMFORT & DESIGN prize for Casta Diva, by ALMA, at the Fiera di Milano. ... Más ... less

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