François Azambourg


Paris / Francia

François Azambourg is more an inventor than a designer, as he is able to “weave” furniture. He avails himself of techniques reminiscent of NASA. Reminiscent, too, of poetry. He breaks radically with modern concepts that distinguish between structure and covering, instead hybridizes disciplines, messes around with sophisticated composites but does not neglect the treasures of nature in the process.
After training in electro-technics, he studied art in Caen, then learned his trade at the College of Applied Art in Rue Olivier de Serres, Paris. He has won numerous prizes including one awarded by "Villa Medicis hors les murs" in 2003 and the "Grand Prix du Design de Paris" in 2004.
For François Azambourg, structure is very important. This interest in materials is exemplified by his Pack chair made of 3-D textiles.

When Lille became European Capital of Culture in 2004 Azambourg designed a micro-restaurant for the event, the size of a large car. This was the result of his interest in scale and social issues. On two 1.6-meter stories – a perfectly acceptable height for people sitting down – the public was received at chairs and tables with shortened legs measuring only a few centimeters. The chef had the necessary tools to prepare hot meals, which he then served to the guests directly from his workplace. ... Más ... less
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