Silvio De Ponte


Milano / Italia

Architect, designer and lighting designer. His methodology is set according to an interdisciplinary approach and contamination of genres and functions, based on the relationship and the exchange between work, research and experimentation that are manifested through the teaching at the most prestigious Italian Universities and International Schools, through conferences, lectures and workshops at international universities, cultural realities of excellence and high prestige companies. Professional activity and participation in exhibitions, cultural events and initiatives, particular attention is paid to research on the study of renewable energy passive and active eco-compatibility of materials and the evolution of architectural space. Since 2010, a critical component of the professional and research is the study on the language of light on the relationship and interplay between light and materials and perceptive and sensorial quality of the Spa and Wellness Centre. According to a concept of Global Design, Public Works designs, Theatres, Hotel and Spa, Shops, Exhibition stands, designer products. Also he designs lighting for architecture and urban spaces, interior and design products for important Italian and foreign companies. Numerous projects published in magazines and books, Italian and international. He carries editorial for magazines of architecture and Italian design. Numerous books and magazines have published his work. -------------------------------

Il lavoro dello studio è riconosciuto per l’alta creatività e l’ideazione progettuale particolarmente innovativa che si manifesta secondo un concetto di progetto Globale, dai progetti Architettonici al Design degli Interni e degli arredi, dai Centri Commerciali e Retail Identity agli Hotels e Spa, dal Lighting per interni ed esterni al Product design. ... Más ... less

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