Clava Dine Wood & Clava Dine Black

Umage extends the collection of lamps inspired by the revolution of the 70s

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Clava Dine Wood & Clava Dine Black
03/06/2020 - Umage is extending the Clava Dine collection with a new colour and brand-new variant made from laser cut wood lamellae designed to illuminate the dining table for remarkable hours with friends and family.

Clava Dine Wood
The new wooden pendant lampshade is designed from a craftmanship technique that requires a unique precision and accuracy due to the small distance between each lamella. The wooden lamellae are made from laser cut ash and oak veneer with a solid oak top.

The Clava Dine wood stands out as a sculptural design piece that creates a playful flash of light on the walls in the surrounding space. The fidelity of the lamellae creates a beautiful pattern that can be admired from all angles, on the inside as well as on the outside the lampshade.

Clava Dine Black 
The same recognisable Clava Dine shape, inspired by the revolution of the 70s, is introduced in a new black variant, that will become a natural focal point in the home.

The black colour enhances the distinct details, soft shape and perforated holes that characterize the Clava Dine and adds an extravagance to the design.

"At UMAGE, we care about everyone we influence. We make functional and timeless designs that last, we optimise storage and transportation costs with flat-packed designs, to make luxury accessible to you. The aim is to save the environment so that you can save on living."

Umage on Archiproducts.comClava Dine Wood & Clava Dine Black

Clava Dine Wood & Clava Dine Black

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