How to Create a Multipurpose Room?

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How to Create a Multipurpose Room?
24/06/2020 - The kitchen is arguably the home’s most busiest place. Once a separate room, over the last few decades its role has been shifting. By merging with the living room it became the actual center of many homes. It’s not just breakfast, luncheon or dinner. Nowadays many daily activities take place between kitchen and living room: learning, reading, relaxing and, with increasing frequency, working. In a period that has us staying home most of the day, it is more important than ever to know how to create an open space that meets our aesthetic demands and can serve more than just one purpose.

To create a dynamic and versatile environment, a real multipurpose room, convertible furniture is probably the most convenient solution, as it allows to rearrange the available space according to the time of day and the corresponding activities: a console table becomes a desk or dining table, shelves and sofa make room for a foldaway double bed for your guests, the kitchen disappears behind a revolving door.

The choice of suitable solutions is determined by extent and conformation of the room. As the pioneering manufacturer, Clei has been exploring the possibilities of convertible furniture since the 1960’s. With Ambienti the company offers a range of modular solutions.

Ambiente 21, for example, is a complete apartment, condensed to fit narrow rectangular rooms of less than 5 lineal meters: an equipped wall holds kitchen corner and living room without compromising comfort.

It includes Kitchen Box, a retractable kitchen with an equipped folding door that can be closed when not needed.

When open, a revolving door divides two separate areas, serves as a pantry and contains a folding table top that doubles the kitchen’s work surface. Ambiente 21

Ambiente 21

With the modular components of Living & Young System and the Ella & Louis range it is possible to create a cozy and relaxing corner. A combination of shelving unit and sofa makes room for a foldable double bed or two single beds for occasional guests. Ella & Louis

Ella & Louis

With a somewhat larger and more regular space at your disposal the two separate areas can also be arranged in a frontal position, for example with Ambiente 10. Ambiente 10

Ambiente 10

In this case, the convertible kitchen system can be extended by adding Girò, a console that becomes a comfortable table for four. For the opposite wall you may choose Oslo, a sofa integrated in a transformable system with foldaway double bed. Tango


Also with Tango, another sofa with fold-down transforming bed system and dual function wall, it is possible to convert the living room into a bedroom in a breath.

The bed can be opened and closed by simply pulling a handle that is positioned on the frontal shelf and supports the bed when it is open. Thanks to a tilting system it is not even necessary to remove objects from the shelf. This mechanism makes the operation even faster and more comfortable.


Ambiente 21

Ambiente 10

Ambiente 10

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