JMM: Furniture That Invites You to Live Together

The collection at Habitat Valencia 2019

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JMM: Furniture That Invites You to Live Together
24/09/2019 - One more year, JMM presented the novelties of its Black Tone brand along with other innovative proposals that add to a catalogue that has already conquered co-living spaces all over the world at FERIA HÁBITAT VALÈNCIA. ? JMM, LYS


JMM is an example of the constant creative restlessness of a brand that is committed to good design. With the usual quality, its code of materials and the seal of renowned designers, the brand creates innovative surfaces that integrate technology. The result is furniture that creates environments in which to live together and share projects and illusions.

Black Tone, to make yourself at home
Valencia has been the setting for the presentation of the additions and incorporations to this line of functional and ergonomic furniture, refined in terms of colour, with a predominance of black, and which enrich spaces without disturbing the calmness. JMM, MARGARITA


The new Paola armchair is a declaration of simplicity. A design reduced to the essential with a body made of leather available in a wide variety of finishes and colours. For its part, Lys, hand-stitched in natural leather and with solid walnut armrests, is the perfect armchair to equip living or lounge areas. And finally, the Dry collection is expanded with Punch, French Margarita, a family of stools, chairs and armchairs characterised by the contrast between its forceful and marked shapes and the minimal cantilever structure that supports it. Pieces that embrace, with upholstered seats divided in two parts, offering infinity of combinations and finishes.

Elegance at the service of versatility
The new JMM furniture not lose sight of the elegant touch and versatility that co-living environments require. Good taste without adornments or high pitches, but full of that precision in details that characterize all the creations of the brand. JMM, PAOLA


As a result of the collaboration between JMM, Compac and CuldeSac Venture, new tables have been added to the catalogue. The Beret auxiliary furniture is an ode to geometric baroque style, to the work of Carvajal, to the balanced imbalance. The Pilldos meeting room models are two designs made up of two pieces that evoke the timelessness of berets, pushing the material to the limit and playing with its forms. Two capsules that merge in the same piece in a subtle play of perceptions and sensations. A vindication of brutalism, its complexity and honesty in its purest state.
Among the designs, the new Babouche sofa by Carlos Tíscar stands out. It is as comfortable and informal as the footwear from which it takes its name. With large and comfortable cushions supported by upholstered plywood structures and joined to a painted steel plate base. For its part, Buchaca is flexibility made into a sofa. With a one-piece continuous seat filled with the latest generation Moon polyurethane foam, the backrests, cushions and the lumbar pillows are independent. All with natural upholstery and premium fillings for added comfort. There are plenty of pockets and it comes with a seat for an oak wood table with a leather base and electric mechanism. JMM, BERET


In the chapter of the tables designed by the same author we can see the meeting room model Chrysler Skyline, 72 cm high, which is presented with the cover in the new Mont Blanc porcelain (Neolith) with natural oak wood base.

Or with the Backstage shelving, of great format and with multiple possibilities of location, whose back part can be illuminated and lacquered or upholstered. Of great stability, it is made from extruded profiles of up to 5 millimetres that act as shelves and can be lined with wood, stainless steel of different colours, marble, etc. Another of the new shelves designed by Martínez-Medina is Cota Petra, made to keep your books and favourite objects. Thanks to its metallic structure with levellers, where the shelves are placed together with interchangeable sliding rear panels, we have a solid and functional furniture with an attractive design. The metallic structure is presented in micro textured lacquered finish and the rear panels in white or black finish. JMM, CHRYSLER SKYLINE


The same designer has also created the new Josephine mirror, which gives us back the splendour of the Josephine style in a large-format classic mirror made with natural cherry wood mouldings.

Completing the JMM stand at Hábitat Fair are successful pieces by the same designer, such as the Copenhague chair, the Joseph sofa and the Té and Chrysler auxiliary table collections. The latter is presented in a new finish with the Mont Blanc (Neolith) porcelain top with a natural oak wood base.

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