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KFF @ IMM Cologne
12/01/2012 - From 15-21.1.2018, the year's first and most prestigious interior design show - IMM Cologne - once again provides a large-scale setting for international exhibitors and trade visitors.
Among others KFF is showcasing three new members of its highly successful ARVA product family that was first presented in 2017. Anyone craving relaxation can look forward to promising new lounge products for the D-LIGHT and CAAL family designed by Steven Schilte and KFF is also setting new comfort and functionality trends in the high-dining sector.
The appearance of the new models has been further refined by the use of new leather materials.

ARVA LOUNGE Family, design: KFF Design Team 
The renaissance of mid-century seating. The ARVA LOUNGE easy chair originates from an idea of Managing Director, Jens Lewe. This reinterpretation won the German Design Award 2018 and has been given an optional rocker function at imm for even more individual comfort. The easy chair — which is available in various designs, as is usual for KFF — rests on a wire skid or swivel 4-leg star frame. Its plywood shell is covered with high-quality leather or fabric and easily accommodates the pocketed, upholstered cushion.

The optional armrests and adjustable headrests are covered in the same material as the shell and create a harmonious and extremely comfortable overall appearance. Alongside the ARVA easy chair, KFF is showcasing the ottoman designed for each frame, as well as a side table made from smoked glass, whose matching 4-leg star frame creates a balanced composition, together with the easy chair and ottoman.
ARVA Counterstool and Barstool, design: KFF Design Team 
KFF is renowned for its diversity in the high-dining sector and quickly realised that it could satisfy the need for a tall ARVA. The counterstool is displayed with a high and low backrest and sits on a skid frame with a seat height of 65 cm.

The ARVA barstool has a low backrest with a seat height of up to 82 cm and the KFF portfolio includes versions with a height-adjustable swivel or skid frame. The luxurious upholstery of the stool shell combines aesthetics, comfort and functionality, providing maximum comfort at modern kitchen counters or in the contract sector.
ARVA Bench, design: KFF Design Team 
In many ways, a bench seat is a great alternative to a traditional chair and a multifunctional item of furniture for many communal living areas.

Comfort, design and functionality should create a harmonious combination and KFF has achieved just that with its new ARVA bench seat. Depending on the size of the family and living area, the length of the KFF Bench can vary between 1.20 m, 1.80 m or 2.40 m. The bench's continuous backrest and seat are upholstered with two, three or four quilted, padded cushions, thereby lending this seating the same high level of comfort as the ARVA chairs.
ARVA LIGHT, design: KFF Design-Team 
This sleeker ARVA comprises an ergonomically shaped plywood shell and is directly upholstered with high-quality cut foam. Supportive padding on the back ensures a comfortable sitting experience. Optionally, the new ARVA LIGHT is also available with armrests.
CAAL LOUNGE, design: Steven Schilte 
Last year, KFF presented the linear CAAL armchair by Steven Schilte. For 2018, the designer was commissioned to supplement this armchair with a lounger.

The cubic armchair rests on a slender wire skid frame. A favourite seat that will never be yours alone.
D-LIGHT CHAISE LONGUE, design: Steven Schilte 
One of KFF's most popular chairs is undoubtedly the D-LIGHT by the Dutch designer, Steven Schilte. So it made sense to create a family for this chair. Put your feet up! Who doesn't associate this exclamation with leisure and relaxation. Steven Schilte has extended the seat to 1.20 m and given the chaise longue a small armrest and loose cushion, thereby creating a modern récamière – with a lasting design. The opulent upholstery and additional horizontal length lend this KFF maximum comfort, while the straight lines create a cautious, yet confident overall appearance that is ideal as free-standing contract or domestic furniture. The D-LIGHT CHAISE LONGUE – for quiet reading or relaxation!

D-LIGHT LOUNGE, design Steven Schilte 
Based on the extremely comfortable D-LIGHT chair, this new version has been slightly enlarged and lowered.
This lower height version is showcased as an inviting D-LIGHT Lounge easy chair. The lightweight lounger makes a wonderful favourite seat and is also a great companion for couch and co.

KFF is displaying its new and existing products on an over 250-square metre exhibition stand in the style of Farnsworth House designed by architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The building was constructed in 1950/1951 and is now a famous example of modern architecture. The purist appearance of the exhibition stand provides KFF furniture with the perfect stage to be presented with confidence. The open-plan nature of the stand reflects the company's underlying approach.

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