Separate and Decorate. SKIN by Glas Italia

The new system of glass screens

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Separate and Decorate. SKIN by Glas Italia
05/06/2020 - Separate and decorate: SKIN is the new program of glass screensby Glas Italia, designed to create and conform to the safety standards for bars, restaurants, hotel receptions, offices and generallyfor any public use area. A flexible and versatile system to separate and protect without denaturing the aesthetics and style of the designed environment and providing suggestions of great elegance. Glas Italia, SKIN

Glas Italia, SKIN

The panels - in tempered glass 8 mm or in tempered and laminated glass 4+4 mm - are available in the many finishes that the company offers for its collection of doors and furniture products: from transparent patterned glass to laminated glass with meshes and fabrics, from colored lacquered and reflective glass to semi-transparent glass.

The panels are bespoke in size with removable bases in brushed bronze colour painted steel and can be supplied with or without wheels: a simple detail making them easily moveable and ready to respond immediately to any requirement. Glas Italia, SKIN

Glas Italia, SKIN

Finally, let’s not forget, that glass is not only an endlessly recyclable material but also has important properties that make it preferable to plastics: it is safe, easy to disinfect and sanitize and is almost immune to external contaminants.

Glas Italia on Archiprodcucts.comGlas Italia, SKIN

Glas Italia, SKIN

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