Agape PETRA | Lavabo de pedestal

Lavabo rectangular de cemento de pedestal


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PETRA | Lavabo de pedestal


Lavabo rectangular de cemento de pedestal


de cemento

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A collection made in concrete that strengthens the collaboration with the duo Vencato and Merendi.‎ The material had to respect the high standards of our catalogue: the designers proposed Cementoskin®, new type of concrete, resistant to any kind of dirt and with unique aesthetic features, the result of a long research by Gypsum.‎ The entire collection is inspired by the soft and natural finish of this material.‎ Water flows on smooth surfaces, gently inclined like those of a stone, polished by the elements of nature.‎ The collection consists of several pieces that can coexist in multiple combinations or can be used individually: a washbasin, available in a counter-top or freestanding version, fixed to a monolithic column.‎ The range also includes a countertop for the sink itself.‎ Petra is a project suitable for both outside, from large gardens to small terraces, and for the more usual indoor situations.‎

The washbasin can be fixed to the wall or to the accessorised column or placed on a wall mounted top.‎ The washbasin without overflow includes waste.‎ The column which supports the washbasin is available in 3 different heights and is fitted with indents on the rear which allow customization of tap.‎ The column and washbasin are fixed to the wall using the dedicated kit.‎ There is no free-standing version available.‎

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Colección Petra por Agape
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