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Placa encastrable de acero inoxidable


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Placa encastrable By ALPES-INOX


Placa encastrable de acero inoxidable


de acero inoxidable

Built-in gas hob with stainless steel burners, or electric induction hobs.‎ The hobs can have two, three, four, five, six or even seven burners with different functions.‎ The range also features useful cooking accessories like: electric grill, gas or electric barbecue, and deep-fat fryer.‎
Materials and Characteristics
The burners (consisting of a pan support, burner, flame divider and Venturi tube), the knobs, the gas distribution tubes, and the casing containing the electrical-gas system are all made of AISI 304 stainless steel with silver satin finish.‎

It is possible to remove the knobs and gas burners to lift the hob and perform maintenance inside.‎
The DUAL triple crown burner has a power rating of 4.‎ 5 kW and is ideal for super rapid cooking; it guarantees the uniform distribution of heat even for large pots.‎

Gas Burner               Ø cm             Power Kw

Auxiliary                     50                 1.‎ 00
Semi rapid                 70                 1,75
Rapid                         85                 2.‎ 50
Rapid                       100                 3.‎ 00
Dual Triple Crown                           4.‎ 50

Induction area        Volt          Power Watt

Ø 11/18 cm            220            1400 o 1850
Ø 15/22 cm            220            2300

Fifty years of activity and the18th Compasso These are the prestigious credentials that distinguish Alpes as a leading manufacturer in the kitchen industry.‎ Neither the chimera of fashion, nor an all-too-easy search to perfect the technical and formal logic utilization, constitutes the Alpes “credo” that interprets kitchens as “durable goods”.‎ Ergonomics, safety, functionality and energy savings are ensured by the use of a single superior quality material: 19/10 nickel chrome stainless steel.‎ Basins and sinks with corners featuring a 12 mm radius and vertical walls, offer greater capacity and functionality.‎ Surface-mounted sinks that make it possible  a complete and organized food preparation area, where even differentiated waste disposal offers an entire range of solutions to choose from.‎ burners.‎ With the introduction of the Dual kw 4.‎ 50 triple crown, both the single-serving espresso maker and the large cookpot now have a stable position, adding to the ample consolidated range of elements.‎ Induction cooking completes the range.‎ The cast-iron grilles are now available on several models of cook-tops.‎ In the ovens, the chamber capacity has now increased to up to 104 liters, with tracks that slide out completely, a stainless steel These new features enhance the performance  of the traditional and special Alpes cooking systems, from steam-cooking to the electric grill, from the gas or electric barbecue to the fryer, and help organize the kitchen to

Más información del fabricante sobre Placa encastrable ALPES-INOX
30 / 39 / 49 / 59 7 69 / 79 / 89 / 99 x 46 / 51 x h 4 cm

Height of grill 12.‎ 2 cm

Height of barbecue 16 cm

Height of deep-fat fryer 32 cm

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