Ethimo EIVISSA | Pérgola de lamas orientables

Pérgola independiente motorizada de lamas orientables


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EIVISSA | Pérgola de lamas orientables


Pérgola independiente motorizada de lamas orientables


de aluminio moldeado

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Eivissa is a project that transforms outdoor space into an extension of the home, not simply by bringing domestic elements and situations outside, but by creating a unique way of living in nature:
in the soft, asymmetrical design of the aluminium structure, in the atmosphere of wellbeing you feel inside, in the wide variety of sizes, colours, coverings, floors, panels, curtains, weaves and fringes resulting in customised solutions that are different every time.‎ Eivissa is a special way of experiencing the outdoors.‎ A project that imagines cocoons of wellbeing, spaces that are protected and welcoming but at the same time in total contact with the surrounding environment.‎
A synthesis of natural sensations, contemporary, high-performance materials, functional, efficient technologies.‎

The Eivissa collection is a series of structures in powder-coated aluminium that offers a wide variety of configurations thanks to all its different sizes, colours, roofs and floors.‎ The design features of the posts, rafters and corners, together with a very wide range of components and fine details make this a highly characteristic, widely diverse project that allows total freedom of personalisation.‎

Eivissa Climate
The Climate version has motorised and adjustable covering with adjustable louvers shade meets modular needs for light, protection and ventilation.‎

Roof with adjustable louvers
Climate roof comprises a series of aluminium louvers (11x4 cm), available in nine colors based based on the chromatic choice of the structure, that can be adjusted to a maximum of 90°C via remote control.‎ When closed, the roof guarantees excellent waterproofing, up to 10 mm/h of rain.‎ When open, the louvers provide shade and ventilation.‎ It has a snow load capacity of 75 kg/m².‎ What’s more, water caught by the louvers is guaranteed to run off smoothly thanks to a system of gutters and pipes that take the water down through the posts to the ground.‎

Más información del fabricante sobre EIVISSA | Pérgola de lamas orientables
375x375 cm; 495x495 cm; 495x375 cm
h 244/258 cm
Dimensiones EIVISSA | Pérgola de lamas orientables

Colección Eivissa por Ethimo
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