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Armario vestidor composable de fresno con luces integradas


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REIWA By Giorgetti


Armario vestidor composable de fresno con luces integradas


de fresno

Año del diseño

REIWA is a walk-in closet in ash wood available in four finishes: natural (fin.‎ 96), anthracite grey (fin.‎ 93), biscuit (fin.‎ 2P) and ash grey (fin.‎ 2R).‎ The metal parts are in pewter finish (fin.‎ 5L).‎
The backrests in wood can be completely mirrored or have a mirror accessory or can be covered with special wall upholstery feasible in textile fibres or real wood, thin Sycamore wood layer.‎ Both are available in two graphics that are the result of digital stamps of painting subjects:
• with flowers with continuous water-coloured drawing;
• shaded drawing with hand painting effect.‎

The wood shelves, designed to be also completed with accessories that make the walk-in closet perfectly usable for each item of clothing, are available also in the coat hanger version.‎ The shelves in grey or bronze crystal glass, are decorated with frames in solid wood, and can also host the shoe rack version in striped glass.‎
Also the trousers holder version is available, in solid wood as well, and characterised by single solid pieces of ash wood and metal pewter finished, which make each level unique.‎

The chest of drawers with 2 or 4 drawers, with a push to open system and equipped with silent system total extraction receding guides, have the fronts in ash wood or leather in various colour shades.‎ Also a glass cabinet with removable shelf and dividers is available, which allows an elegant and precise organisation of the spaces.‎
For the drawers the following accessories are available:
• bi-material mats in dove-grey saddle leather on one side and leather on the other;
• bi-material boxes in dove-grey saddle leather on one side and leather on the other in two dimensions, which can be accessorised with earrings holder, bracelets holder, rings holder, watches holder.‎

The illuminating parts are incorporated in the profiles in aluminium that integrate LEDs which are turned on thanks to a Master Remote Control: the wall fittings house attachments for shelving and electricity is supplied without unsightly wiring to be easily moved according to changing needs.‎
The walk-in closet can be totally open or it can be closed behind the sliding doors in glass to create continuity with the bedroom.‎

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A wide range of accessories in grey anthracite solid ash wood (fin.93) to complete the shelf is available:
• hats holder sphere;
• bags holder sphere;
• belts holder;
• ties holder.
In addition, also the following accessories are available:
• foulard holder in ash wood;
• trouser hanger and trousers and trouser/jacket hanger in ash wood and leather;
• skirt hanger and skirt and skirt/jacket hanger in ash wood and leather;
• box in dove-grey saddle leather and Doria fabric silver coloured (cod. 6548);
• bi-material tray in dove-grey saddle leather on one side and leather on the other;
• shirt folding board in dove-grey saddle leather;
• hanging coat rack with hook.

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