Revestimiento de pared/suelo imitación cemento

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Revestimiento de pared/suelo imitación cemento


de microcemento

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Ideal Work Microtopping is a polymer modified cement based coating designed to be used in multiple thin coat applications.‎ Microtopping is highly resistant to abrasion and the adhesion properties allow Microtopping to be used on a wide variety of surface including concrete, steel and wood.‎  Ideal Work Microtopping can be used interior or exterior to achieve many different paving and flooring requirements.‎ Microtopping is perfect for the renovation of old concrete or can be used to finish the existing surface of new build construction.‎  Ideal Work Microtopping has extraordinary adhesion properties and therefore with the correct surface preparation will bond to almost all solid substrates.‎ Microtopping is produced with hybrid EVA co-polymers that give flexibility and accept deflection from the existing substrates.‎ This even allows Microtopping to be used over ply wood that has been re-enforced with metal lath.‎  Ideal Work Microtopping is one of our most versatile systems and can be used vertically allowing walls and floors to have continuity in design and appearance.‎  Ideal Work Microtopping protects against freeze thaw and salt corrosion.‎ Microtopping has high abrasion resistance, flexural and compressive properties that make it the perfect product for concrete renovation.‎

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