MANUTTI FLEX | Sofá de jardín de esquina

Sofá de jardín composable modular de tela de esquina


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FLEX | Sofá de jardín de esquina


Sofá de jardín composable modular de tela de esquina


de tela

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Created in collaboration with Milanese design studio Metrica, Flex fuses traditional aesthetics with modern elements to evoke an atmosphere of nostalgia and lightness.‎

The concept of Flex is about connecting wood and aluminium and the different feelings both materials evoke.‎ While the elegant metal casting creates a strong and sober foundation for the design, the wood evokes feelings of comfort and warmth.‎ Flex will be available in two versions: teak natural and teak nero.‎ Both can be combined with soft cushions in warm colour combinations.‎

At its most basic, Flex is a suspended sofa solution that consists of modular as well as fixed elements.‎ The main components are the aluminium cast legs.‎ On the upper level of the sofa, these connect with a solid wood profile that serves as an armrest and a support for the back cushions.‎ On the lower portion, the legs are attached to a structural platform covered in wood.‎ The wood of the platform cover, arms and backrest share the same finish.‎

The aluminium legs, which give character and lightness to the entire structure, are characterised by a unique design.‎ Robin Rizzini, chief designer & partner at Metrica: “Instead of choosing a standard cylindrical shape, we opted for an exclusive form that is crucial to the overall feel of the Flex sofa.‎ Starting out as cylindric shape, the legs gradually change into rounded triangles that eventually shift into an oval shape to connect to the backrest.‎  

Flex’s teak nero version adds an extra touch of luxury thanks to the additional manual craftsmanship it requires.‎ The teak wood is sanded, brushed and treated by hand using a special technique that supports the structure and creates an eyecatching alternation between shiny and matt black surfaces.‎ As a result, the black hues radiate just the right amount of elegance, drama and power, perfectly balancing indulgence and sophistication.‎

As its name implies, Flex offers multiple configuration options and infinite setting possibilities.‎ The core concept consists of either a 2- or a 3-seater sofa or an armchair.‎ Different modules – chaises, corners and asymmetrical elements – can then be added to adjust the composition of Flex depending on the layout and need.‎ Wooden side and ‘bridge’ tables – which float between the modules – are also available to transform Flex into a complete outdoor furniture system.‎

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