Poltrona Frau TRUST | Escritorio de oficina con estantes

Escritorio de oficina ejecutivo rectangular de piel curtida con estantes


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TRUST | Escritorio de oficina con estantes


Escritorio de oficina ejecutivo rectangular de piel curtida con estantes


de piel curtida

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Poltrona Frau presents the Trust executive office system.‎ Desks, self-supporting walls and storage units designed by Lievore, Altherr and Park for a completely new office concept.‎ Trust is a collection that stems from in-depth research into the evolution of contemporary work.‎
Nowadays, in fact, roles are less rigid and hierarchical, with greater emphasis placed on horizontal relationships.‎ Technology increasingly narrows the confines between the home and the office which redefine each other in turn in fluid scenarios where it is necessary to alternate oases of individual concentration with areas of relaxation and places for meeting and exchange.‎
In this context all Trust elements can be freely combined together, adapting to the working style of the user.‎ Volumes and constructions are airy, light and textural.‎ The forms are soft, organic, tapered.‎ Everything is made from leather, saddle-leather and wood, revisited to suit the office space.‎

The Trust desks go beyond the idea of the traditional desk, separating and static.‎
The top is devoid of sharp corners, communicating openness and dialogue.‎ The tapered edges facilitate the posture of those that work at the desk, providing comfortable support.‎ The system comprises two versions, both of which come in three different sizes.‎ Trust Iconic Desk, with its wavy and irregular profile, encourages sharing, offering various sides and stations.‎ The Trust Regular Desk variant maintains the classic rectangular form, which it combines with the smooth profiles.‎ In the intermediate size, both models are also available in an asymmetric version: supported by a leg on one side and by a cabinet on the other.‎
The Trust Iconic desk also comes in a “large” size, a versatile hybrid between a desk and meeting table.‎ Meanwhile, the Trust Regular also comes in a “small” size, perfect as a cosy personal workstation or home desk.‎ The available finishes showcase the slender and light geometries of the tops.‎ The latter can be accessorised with cable tidies or, in the leather version, with a cable management door.‎
Techno Wood with saddle-leather or leather working pad or, alternatively, with the desktop completely upholstered in saddle-leather or leather.‎ The total absence of stitching, thanks to the masterful processing, gives it both a high-tech and artisan feel.‎
Saddle-leather/leather or Techno Wood also for the legs, designed to accommodate cables.‎ All of the desks, with the exception of the Small, can be accessorised with a modesty panel.‎

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214x107 cm
145x68 cm

Colección THE OFFICE - C.E.O. Office Furniture por Poltrona Frau
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