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de madera maciza, en nogal

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The collection takes the name of the Chinese “ren” ideogram, which means person.‎ From the birth of the language, this symbol appeared on ancient Chinese oracle bones used for divination.‎ Two simple strokes constitute a pictographic representation of the human figure.‎ The longer stroke sticks out slightly and is supported by the shorter stroke.‎ The two elements depend on each other for their stability, a relationship that perfectly represents the architectural construction of each item in the collection.‎ Each piece consists of two “ren”, which make up the main structure in Canaletto walnut solid wood and together support the secondary structures, also in wood.‎ The functional elements that form part of the structures have softer and more curved forms, which are elegantly upholstered in Cuoio Saddle Extra leather.‎ The brass details add a precious touch to the design.‎
The collection includes a series of accessories and is now expanded to include a small armchair and sofa, a bookcase, magazine rack and table mirror.‎ A wealth of objects offering a coherent definition of the various spaces of the home

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Colección THE COLLECTION - Furniture and Complementary units por Poltrona Frau
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