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The new upholstered chair 520 is available with or without armrests.‎
Marco Dessí has created a contemporary interpretation of that heritage in the form of the modern upholstered chair no.‎ 520.‎ Thanks to the different versions available, it’s the perfect chair for multiple use, not only at the dining table: besides combining excellent seating comfort with a pleasantly light look and surprisingly light weight, it radiates a poised elegance that echoes the culture and history of the classic Thonet bentwood chair.‎ In Dessí’s model, the voids between the bentwood elements have been replaced with comfortable upholstery.‎ Its simple, intelligent design permits different versions with and without armrests.‎ In combination with the extensive choice of materials available, this all adds up to a chair collection that’s suitable for a wide range of applications – from sophisticated dining to executive meetings.‎

Dessí designed two options for backs of the 520 – one with armrests (520 PF) and one without (520 P): “It’s a modern, economical idea based on the same modular principle that Thonet developed more than 150 years ago.‎ ” The possibility of choosing and combining different wood finishes and upholstery coverings makes the 520 extremely versatile as it can be customised to suit a variety of different settings.‎ As a result, the design looks just as much at home in an upscale eatery or family dining room as it does around a conference table.‎
The innovative process for bending solid wood developed by Michael Thonet in the mid-19th century gave rise to the typical Thonet design language and had a considerable influence on Dessí during the design process: “The fact that the very first Thonet chairs are still in use today demonstrates just how robust, sustainable and utterly contemporary the process is,” he says.‎

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