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Visionnaire XAVIER | Sofá composable

Sofá composable 3 plazas de tela para hostelería


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XAVIER | Sofá composable


Sofá composable 3 plazas de tela para hostelería


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Mauro Lipparini, an architect who graduated from Florence in 1980, was the winner of the international design competitions Young & Design Milano (1987), International Du Pont Award Köln (Germany, 1988 and 1989) and Good Design® Global Awards (2011).‎
The Inspiration for the 80’s and Saporiti is clear.‎ Xavier was born from Mauro Lipparini’s attitude to architecture and sculptural feeling: geometric alchemy made of linear, light and volumetric elements that intertwine in harmony.‎
It is the desire to create a system of sofas with an elegant appearance and a strong emotional sign in the full value of comfort, in the name of beauty and uniqueness.‎ The system consists of a platform that houses the supporting elements (armrests/backrest) and cushions that are articulated with great compositional generosity, both symmetrically and asymmetrically.‎
The high compositional characteristics of these elements make Xavier a high value tailor-made system-division.‎ The rich modularity, combined with the assembling of the optionals, blends with a timeless aesthetic language, balancing the rigour of pure and essential signs and respecting the tradition for a new contemporary style.‎ The attention to details of tailoring, the refined manufacture of back cushions, through the macroscopic canneté, quilted diagonally and the strong texture of interwoven and non-woven leathers gives a transversal and eclectic aesthetic for formal elegance with non-conformist accents.‎ A stage made of soft and rigid elements for a new way of conceiving the sofa, expressing unique and personal suggestions each time in a timeless language.‎
Finally, the theme of “breath” and nature can be glimpsed in the quilting of the cushion that recalls the leaf.‎

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