Discover the many faces of Huma

Expormim at Orgatec 2016 with Mario Ruiz

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Discover the many faces of Huma
19/10/2016 - The inventor of the first swivel chair was Thomas Jefferson. Yes, that very same Thomas Jefferson who was the third president of the United States. The year was 1775. He took an English-style Windsor chair and connected its top and bottom by using a central iron spindle, enabling the seat to swivel on wheels similar to those of sash windows. If Jefferson did it with a wooden chair, why would not give rattan a chance?

And so Expormim did. They chose Huma, the distinctive shell-shaped armchair designed by Mario Ruiz, and we got down to imagining all the different possibilities it offered. Would it look fine with metal legs? Would it still work if we included a rotary system? What if use solid wood instead of rattan in the legs? Would it be possible to replace the rattan rods in its backrest with foam? In short, would Huma resist the versatility proof? Expormim, Huma swivel chair

Expormim, Huma swivel chair

It did more than that. It passed the exam with flying colours. Six different versions emerged from the primitive design, all of them capable of seamless integration in modern work environments, either at the office or at home. Some of them keep their original rattan backrest; others replace it with an internal structure of steel covered with cold-cured moulded polyurethane foam. And, in turn, they can be combined with steel and beech wood legs or a swivel base.

Huma thus unfolds its transformative potential and reveals itself as their most chameleonic piece to date. The many faces of Huma will be finally unmasked on October 25, in coincidence with Orgatec Cologne, where they will present another new product: the free standing version of Team shelf, also by Mario Ruiz, along with different proposals of conceptualization of the work place.

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