Eivissa. Outdoor Architecture

The new gazebo designed by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba for Ethimo

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08/07/2019 - Eivissa, Catalan for “Ibiza”, is the new outdoor gazebo designed by the creative duo Ludovica + Roberto Palomba for Ethimo. Eivissa is an invitation to relax that calls forth the balmy air and bright sunlight of the Spanish island. It embodies a design culture that embraces trends and maximum practicality.
Cosmopolitan appeal and Mediterranean charm are the ideas behind this new solution for contemporary outdoor living, in settings that values nature.
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Terraces, verandas and gardens become a natural extension of the home. Eivissa, in fact, creates a seamless flow between interiors and exteriors, and conveys the same sensations of comfort, warmth and shelter as any room in the home. Eivissa goes beyond its practical purpose as an outdoor canopy. Its design and materials turn it into a welcoming ‘place’, a cocoon of well-being with great looks that flatters its surroundings.

Thanks to the unusual, original design of its posts and rafters, Eivissa is a pavilion with soft shapes that generate a fluid structure without sharp corners. All elements have been merged into a texture-centric whole.
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The powder-coated aluminum structure meets all user needs and decor requirements. It is available its three different sizes and nine color options. The three different roof types provide for functional versatility: Eivissa Open Air (without fixed roof), Eivissa Light & Proof (with poly-carbonate roof) and Eivissa Climate (with roof made of adjustable aluminum louvers).
Eivissa shows a very special and cozy architecture, featuring all the details and comforts of an indoor living room — alfresco. All  versions can are also customization by adding one of the two available flooring options (Solid teak or Ceramic Stone), perimeter panels in woven rope, airy sliding glass walls, or soft fabric curtains. These modular accessories make of Eivissa a truly unique outdoor project, where every detail makes the difference.

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