Expormim presents its new Rattan series at the IMM Cologne

Nautica, Coffee Tables and Fontal

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Expormim presents its new Rattan series at the IMM Cologne

18/01/2012 - The international furnishing show IMM Cologne has begun the 14th of January 2013 and will end the 20th. All the main furnishing brands are found within the exposition area Cologne Exhibition Centre in this German city.

The displays and showrooms at the exhibition shows the best products from the leading companies within the design and interior furnishing sector, from all over the world. IMM Cologne is the quintessential international company event, since it transforms itself to an exhibition platform for new and creative products from 1,200 companies based in 50 different countries.

The Valencian company Expormim is one of the companies that is represented during the exhibition. They present the latest news from their Rattan series, more specifically the new items Nautica, Coffee Tables and Fontal.

Nautica, a unique swing
Nautica belongs to the Expormim collection of furniture made of rattan. The company wants to update and bring to life this particular material, used since the beginning, by collaborating with prestigious designers. Nautica, designed by Mut Design, is a hanging seat that honours one of the first pieces of furniture created by the company in the 70s. A swing that recovers and redefines the use of rattan that is enhanced by the subtle play of shadows that results from its movements as it surrenders to motion, reminding us of the play of water seen on the waves at sea.

A piece that is seemingly light but hides a robust and resistant interior. With Nautica, rattan as a material is taken further than its traditional use as a skin that covers a hidden structure to create a piece that is visually light and very contemporary.

Coffee tables Trio, Trim and Tryp
This is a collection of centre tables that are organic: Trio, Trim and Tryp, each of them designed by Studio Expormim to fulfil diverse necessities. With Trio and Trip, the essence of the raw material is enhanced by using heavy tops made of solid oak, while the Tryp tables are formed by steel bands that come together in a round, subtly perforated top. The Tryp design makes it an original piece, unique and elegant in every home.

The round centre tables Trio and Trim are available in three different sizes: small (45x40 and 45x54), medium (58x33 and 58x47) and large (100x26 and 100x40). The Expormim coffee tables are presented as an aesthetic and functional solution for any kind of space.

The Fontal armchair, a new concept combining handicraft and design
The latest creation from the designer Oscar Tusquets Blanca for the company: the black Fontal armchair from the Rattan 2012 series.This elegant piece is handmade. It is a one-of-a-kind product that is characterised by harmony and nature. The rigorous designer work makes it a base for a new ’way of life’ that combines technology with handicraft, science and art. ever ceasing to be innovative, Oscar Tusquets Blanca proves himself to be loyal to the company’s origin by using rattan. As the main material in this Expormim collection, it brings warmth and resistance to their products.

The design of this wonderful armchair makes it a functional and elegant piece that lets us play with fusion of spaces. This new armchair that extends the Fontal family presents itself as the perfect balance between nature and innovation.

Expormim, Coffee tables Trio, Trim and Tryp

Expormim, Coffee tables Trio, Trim and Tryp

Expormim, Fontal armchair

Expormim, Fontal armchair

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