Fontal Stools: a New Seating Experience by Expormim

High, medium and low stools, all of them made of rattan

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Fontal Stools: a New Seating Experience by Expormim
15/12/2017 - Expormim thought, if people love hanging around in bars and restaurants, why not produce a seat to make their experience a lot more comfortable? And thus three new stools were added to the Fontal collection: one high, one medium and one low, all of them made of rattan and with multiple seat options. 

"This project is born from the desire to recuperate rattan as a noble material and the rich handicraft tradition in our country in its treatment. I have tried to give a new appearance to a century-old technique. This has been achieved by replacing the traditional corbelling and ties as linking elements for the twinning of one cane to the next. With this innovative solution we have achieved a flexible but resistant structure that weighs very little. A light, warm and likeable chair which is luxurious in the true sense of the world".  Oscar Tusquets Blanca

Fontal High Barstool

High stools are the perfect fit for bars and pub tables. Change its colour or its upholstery and it will match any environment you like.

Fontal Barstool

Medium stools match up with kitchen islands and utility tables. They are more than a seat, they create an atmosphere.

Fontal Low Barstool

Low stools are not just for the little ones. Nice and functional, they are a good solution for small places. Put them around a low table in a tiny gastrobar for extra intimacy.

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