Gres, the Reedition of a Classic

The stool by Miguel and Gonzalo Milá for Expormim

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Gres, the Reedition of a Classic
27/12/2017 - Gres stool was created from a piece that was first designed by Miguel Milá back in 1962. Though it was not included in the initial plans which basically consisted of a new rattan chair, Gata, after landing purely by chance in Expormim during one of Miguel and Gonzalo’s trips to the factory, it ended up shaping two new products: a high and a low stool.

Its structure emerges from a game of tangent lines between its four organic frames and of those with the seat, thus securing stability and at the same turning it almost trans­parent. This updated version of the historic stool turns it into an essential piece and emphasizes the everlasting validity of a particular design method, one standing aside from fashion trends and the conventions of a specific era. This is Milá in his true essence. No expiration date.

Stool with structure made of peeled natural rattan and finished with a three step coating (dye, base coat and top coat) highly resistant to solar radiation thanks to UV filters. Upholstered seat. 

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