Kitchen Innovation and Online Inspiration from Marrone + Mesubim

Italian kitchen designers unveil their brand-new look-book and interactive website

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Kitchen Innovation and Online Inspiration from Marrone + Mesubim
24/04/2020 - Marrone + Mesubim presents a new look-book and website. The look-book is designed to communicate the quality of Marrone + Mesubim’s culinary systems. 

In particular, the iconic C3 which is proving to be of interest to interior designers and architects world-wide.  Marrone + Mesubim’s new look-book allows specifiers, designers and architects to truly engage with the C3 in terms of its function and form, communicating in depth its extraordinary capabilities and remarkable quality of design. 

The new website has a configuration tool which allows customers, designers and architects to build-online, in real time, their very own bespoke C3 culinary system. The C3 was developed for the serious food lover, providing a highly functioning professional kitchen system for the home environment. 

Marrone + Mesubim’s paredback approach to kitchen design places power and productively at the centre of the culinary experience. Inspired by the minimise-to-maximise concept, the C3 combines the very best kitchen components within a one-piece 3-metre professional culinary system.  

Breaking the mould of classic kitchen design, the C3 boldly breaks down the cooking process into three simple elements ‘wash – cut – cook’.  The new super sleek look-book provides visual inspiration clearly defining the unique culinary offering provided by Marrone + Mesubim. 

The look-book and video demonstrations are both available to download at new website. Marrone + Mesubim appointed London based design agency ‘Hey Big Man’ to create the inspiring look-book which allows clients to envisage the various options and configurations available with the C3 culinary system. Celebrating the contemporary ‘wash – cut – cook’ concept, the C3 culinary system strips back the cooking experience into cerebral components that simplify and streamline the creative experience. 

MARRONE + MESUBIM on ARCHIPRODUCTSKitchen Innovation and Online Inspiration from Marrone + Mesubim

Kitchen Innovation and Online Inspiration from Marrone + Mesubim



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