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12/05/2020 - Molteni&C|Dada is accelerating the digitalisation process and announcing the launch of a digital interior design service, already up and running in the technologically advanced U.S. market. Because hard times always present new opportunities, and certain long and complex processes are speeded up by the tough situation we currently find ourselves in.
This is a journey that began a while back, and that will also culminate in an exclusive e-commerce project in the United States. It marks the first step towards increasing Molteni’s proximity to its customers, via the various digital touch points, and towards supporting Molteni&C|Dada’s vast sales network, which plans to have 700 points of sale around the world, 50 of which are monobrand stores in all 5 continents.
Experimental and technological methods that foster dialogue and speed things up with the various interlocutors involved, thanks to the new modes of connecting and to tools such as enhanced reality, which enable you to imagine an object projected in a setting. Without forgetting the involvement of physical stores.
[email protected] is a project designed to favor links between points of sale and end users, architects, interior designers and clients, to help define shared goals, with a direct consultancy service. The chance to book an initial, secure appointment, with video calls, shared screens and with the use of emails that allow samples to be sent free of charge, moodboards and layouts to be shared according to the various home requirements, or to get in touch with your nearest store able to provide this service.
By means of a quick click, and by filling in a simple form, you can fix a virtual appointment with the dedicated team that will offer ideas, advice and assets for the projects required. A dedicated store locator, in a new section of the molteni.it and dada-kitchens.com website, where the user can choose the store they wish to contact from a range of points of sale.

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