OLEV: Smart Lighting that Generates Well-Being

Lighting designed to make you experience maximum visual and acoustic comfort

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OLEV: Smart Lighting that Generates Well-Being
24/02/2020 - OLEV or intelligent LED light.

Imagine waking up in the morning with a light that increases its intensity slowly to avoid bothering your eyes. Then you go to work, and the light in the office makes you feel energetic and vital. In the evening, when you come back home, a warm light welcomes you. It’s the perfect setting to enjoy dinner with your family.

And if you prefer going to the restaurant for a romantic date, the light at the table creates an intimate atmosphere. These are only some of the wonderful uses of LED lighting.

“We tailor lighting to your spaces’ needs, to create emotions and well-being.”

OLEV presents the innovative solutions developed thanks to in-depth research conducted together with the designer Marc Sadler, art director since 2019, and sense designer Filippo Cannata, who has been collaborating with the company for several years. Analyzing the factors that influence people's feelings, the company has designed specific applications that incorporate the Biolight and Active technologies.

Through the Biolight system it is possible to automatically set the lighting parameters, following the transformation of natural light throughout the day, to achieve the light that best suits your psycho-physical needs at any time; Active technology instead regulates the intensity of artificial light, based on the amount of natural light present in the environment, creating the correct lighting in any situation or according to the required functions.

One of the main assets that the company has developed are lamps made of materials with sound-absorbing properties, such as the products of the Silence line products (Stage Vertical Silence, Stage Horizontal Silence, Exagon Silence, Green Silence, Eclipse Nuance Silence, Irving Silence) are able to absorb noise thanks to the properties of the materials used.

From collective places to those for work and catering, the OLEV collections are evolved and integrated, transversal and versatile: products that improve the visual and acoustic comfort of those who live and work in the spaces, representing a Human Centric Lighting vision.
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