#stayhome with Arik Levy

'Just look inside yourself and ask the right questions'

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#stayhome with Arik Levy
08/04/2020 - In these uncertain times of global emergency, to #stayathome is the imperative necessity. With all of us confined to our homes, we have to get used to a different daily routine, somewhere between kitchen sink and working desk, where time drags on and patience becomes the only virtue. Can this “suspended time” be transformed into opportunity and can creativity help us to see a light at the end of this tunnel and imagine a future beyond the coronavirus crisis?
Another episode in our series about the thoughts and reflections of designers during the lockdown. This time it’s Arik Levy to answer our questions about personal experiences and life under lockdown.
How is the current situation affecting your life and work?
The effect is positive as it makes me go in different directions and gives me time to think…it is a great experience in all aspects.
How did you organize, or reorganize, your workspace?
I am at my new home in the South of France and the rest of the studio is working from home… for now it is ok but it has its limits.
Could this “makeshift” be transformed into opportunity for planners and designers? And if so how?
Every change of this scale will bring lots of new ideas and ways to be in the near future… the impact the “after” will have is even more important of what is going on now.
Are there new projects born from this particular situation?
Sure! the situation itself is a project to be developed and implemented. For the art it is even better as I have no negative distractions… design is at a standstill, except for reflecting about future projects.
How do you spend your spare time?
My family! nature! myself…surprisingly I do not really have that much spare time. Days fly and so are the weeks.
Do you have any suggestions for your colleagues and others?
Look inside yourself and ask the right questions!

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