The new Elica Hoods in Dekton® by Cosentino

A new variation in the Sirius shade for Bloom-s and Rules models

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29/06/2021 - Elica in collaboration with Cosentino presents the new variation in Dekton® of Bloom-s and Rules hoods.

The new Elica Hoods in Dekton® by Cosentino 2

The two new models of Elica hoods, designed by designer Fabrizio Crisà to combine excellent performance with maximum fluidity in terms of design, respond to the constant search for new shapes and innovative materials, a distinctive feature that distinguishes Elica hoods around the world. 'An example of this is the PIX model, characterized by the cement or denim effect finish or the Lullaby, a perfect harmony between steel and oak wood, and the Sweet hood completely made of technopolymer.

The new Elica Hoods in Dekton® by Cosentino 3

The designer Fabrizio Crisà has chosen this material in the Sirius shade, a full and intense black able to give strength and personality to every kitchen project, and in the exclusive Slim format. Thanks to its extremely reduced thickness and weight (4mm and 10 kg/m² respectively), Slim is the ideal choice for projects requiring high performance and lightweight materials as it combines all the technical and mechanical characteristics of Dekton® with a unique format, much thinner, lighter and easier to handle during installation. Launched on the international market in 2019, this innovative format is currently available for 20 shades of the Dekton® range.

The new Elica Hoods in Dekton® by Cosentino 4

As Fabrizio Crisà, Design Center Manager of the Elica Group, states: 'Today the kitchen is the place that, more than any other domestic environment, is representative of one's style and the person who lives it. This has led us designers to have to imagine it in a new way, where functionality must be perfectly integrated into space and where the harmony of the environment becomes essential'.

Fabrizio Crisà adds 'I've always imagined products that can disappear, returning only the function and the choice of Dekton® as a coating goes exactly in the direction of total integration. The hood like the kitchen top or the wall cladding, in a chameleon-like way, blends with architecture and space, while maintaining its distinctiveness as in the case of Bloom-S. Rules, on the other hand, represents a further step forward because, not only the cladding but also on a formal level, I have sought symbiosis with the kitchen by reducing the thickness of the product to a minimum, eliminating any visible functional element. Moreover, the dimensions of the front follow exactly the modularity of the kitchen wall units and thanks to the possibility of adjusting the depth during installation, you can have the maximum continuity of the surface'.

In conclusion, Crisà reiterates 'The choice of Dekton® was dictated by the desire to achieve a 'total look', a trend in strong growth, and the black Sirius finish is now a popular choice for kitchen tops. However, despite the search for integration, Sirius black, thanks to its versatility, allows the product to live even in kitchens with different materials and finishes'.

The new Elica Hoods in Dekton® by Cosentino 5

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