Thierry Vidé Light Sculptures at L+B

Weightlessness, transparency and light in Francofrt

22/02/2018 - Thierry Vidé’s team glad to welcome you Hall 1.1 Booth A20, from 18 untill 23th march 2018 in Francofrt to introduce their lighting artistic creations. 
Thierry Vidé Light Sculptures at L+B 2

Light & Building is the world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building services technology presents intelligent and networked solutions, future-oriented technologies and current design trends.  

Thierry Vidé forms high quality light sculptures, all hand crafted and produced in limited edition in their Parisian workshop. The design of their lighting product uses the timeless elegance of organic curves juxtaposed with contemporary materials to sculpt the light and create a unique atmosphere warm, aerial and good feeling. 

They have had the pleasure of working on a number of schemes both nationally and internally where their client base has had a keen focus on architecture and aesthetics. 
Thierry Vidé Light Sculptures at L+B 3

These projects include Yacht Darling Danama, Monaco, Hotel Particular, Rouen, Shopping Mall, Copenhagen, Grand Palais Restaurant, Paris Furthermore, their lighting product will create a cosy atmosphere and bring a feeling of well-being by its weightlessness and transparency.

Thierry Vidé on Archièproducts.com
Thierry Vidé Light Sculptures at L+B 4

Thierry Vidé Light Sculptures at L+B 5

Thierry Vidé Light Sculptures at L+B 6

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