Ubikubi. A showcase of smart crafted furniture

Some of the brand's most rapresentative objects on show at Salone del Mobile

09/04/2019 - Since 2014, Ubikubi aims to create objects that gradually shape a clear identity for Romanian design, based on attributes like smart design, natural materials and sustainability care. During Salone del Mobile, Ubikubi showcases some of the brand’s most representative objects from a collection of over 80 products, all signed by Romanian designers and architects and produced in Romania.

Tipro, a chair with 144 variations. Design by Dragoș Motica
Made entirely from wood, Tipro Chair uses two structurally identical modules for the seat and for the backrest, with finishes that can be chosen individually to create 144 different combinations. Lightweight, yet resistant, Tipro chair is suitable for restaurants and office spaces alike.

Folding Chair, a stylish interpretation of the classic folding seat. Design by Dragoș Motica
Through its powerful look, Folding Chair earns a permanent role at the dining table or in modern office spaces by blending aesthetics and comfort under a fresh approach on the classic folding seat, which was often perceived just as a temporary furniture solution.
Ubikubi. A showcase of smart crafted furniture 2

Fair and Square, a playful collection of flat-pack furniture. Design by Dragoș Motica
Fair and Square is a series of playful seating solutions that highlight the formal sincerity an object can have. The collection, designed to be delivered flat-pack, includes a bench, a barstool and a chair. All furniture pieces are designed from a limited number of modules that repeat and merge to create objects with structural strength while emphasizing function.

1989, a collection made of mouth-blown glass, engraved by hand. Design by Dragoș Motica
1989 is a water carafe inspired by the returnable bottle of milk from the communist period in Romania. 1989 water carafe is made of mouth blown glass in the oldest glass factory in Romania, which has a wonderful history that started back in 1801.The name of this object is strongly anchored in a historical context: in 1989, Romania changed from a communist society into a capitalist society. This was also reflected in the local object design. Before 1989, in Romania, any object of 'design', be it an object of furniture or a household object, became iconic through lack of alternatives.
Ubikubi. A showcase of smart crafted furniture 3

Light Tale, a floor lamp inspired by a windmill. Design by 201 Design Studio
Inspired by a range of shapes and structures, but mostly by a type of windmill, Light Tale is a floor lamp in which the sense of balance and good proportion work together to serve functionality. The tail at the back of the shade gives comfort and ease in directing the light source to the desired location. Just like the tail of the windmill follows the wind, so does the lamp follow the user.

Cereall Hook, a cheerful terrazzo coat rack. Design by MBSP Studio
Cereall Hook is a playful coat rack designed to be fixed directly on the wall. It can be employed in a group or it can be used as a single piece, being a disco-friendly addition to a space, whether it will be exposed in an entrance hall, a bedroom, a public space or an office.

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